Is Red Copper Cookware Dishwasher Safe?

Red Copper Cookware is a company that manufactures cookware. The company has been around for over 30 years and in that time their products were always promoted as dishwasher safe. Around 4 or 5 years ago, Red Copper changed their website to not say this anymore on the product page of all but one of … Read more

How to Clean a Red Copper Pan

You have a red copper pan. It’s pretty and shiny, but you just don’t know how to clean it correctly! So how do I clean my red copper pan? The answer is not always clear or easy to find. This guide will teach you how-to use your kitchen gadgets for this task in order to … Read more

Why is Copper Used in Cookware? – [The 6 Advantages]

Cookware that uses copper in their construction has been shown to create more even cooking temperatures than cookware without this important metal. While you probably don’t need any convincing as far as why copper might be good for your kitchen appliances, here are 6 advantages you may not know about. Why is copper used for … Read more

Is Tin-Lined Copper Cookware Safe? All You Need to Know

You have probably seen a Tin-lined copper skillet in your grocery store, and you’re thinking about buying one. But are they safe to cook with? The short answer is yes; however, it’s important that you read this article before doing so: There has been much controversy as of late surrounding the safety of tin-lined copper … Read more

Is Gotham copper cookware safe?

I was recently offered the opportunity to answer a few questions about Gotham Copper cookware. Is it Safe? Gotham copper is safe for your health and environment, but you have to take care of them correctly: hand wash in cold water only, dry immediately after use. Let’s take a deeper look into the safety behind … Read more