How To Clean Burnt On Grease From Frying Pans

cleaning burnt on grease off frying pan

Burnt grease on your frying pans has to be the most frustrating thing imaginable, no matter how much you scrub away, soak it in solutions, it just won’t come off. Did you burnt on grease can be either alkaline or acidic? and if it’s an alkaline, then you can use soak it in an acidic … Read more

Uneven Seasoning On Cast Iron: 5 Ways To Prevent It

An evenly seasoned cast iron pan

I get it, you’ve seasoned your pan over and over again, yet food is still sticking to your pan? You’ve tried cooking in it to build up the seasoning, you’ve tried everything. Yet nothing seems to work? Well preventing uneven seasoning is pretty simple when you know the science, for instance did you know that … Read more