Tfal Ceramic Cookware Review

T-fal now dominate the cooking world, their brand is everywhere and why wouldn’t it be? Their cookware is durable, nonstick and versatile. The T-fal intiatives ceramic cookware set has to be my favourite set from T-fal. I bought this set just to do a product review on it, and after a few months use it’s … Read more

Is Ceramic Titanium Safe? And Is Ceramic Safe?

You’re off to buy a new ceramic titanium pan, or maybe just a ceramic pan, and you’re starting to get worried because you don’t know if it’s safe. The truth is, titanium cookware with a ceramic coating can be dangerous, especially if it cracks. In addition, ceramic coating is highly fragile due to its thin … Read more

How To Care For Ceramic Pans

Almost everything we buy requires you to take care of it. There is no exception when it comes to cookware. Knowing how to care for ceramic pans is quite easy once you have learned how to do it. Use the steps below to keep your cookware healthy and undamaged. I use these methods all the … Read more

What Is Ceramic Cookware

A lot of people are unsure of what ceramic cookware is, this is because ceramic pots and pans can vary significantly in appearance, from ceramic coated cookware to pots and pans made entirely from clay. If you need a product example to help you understand better, see our Tfal ceramic cookware review which boasts the … Read more

When Was The Electric Can Opener Invented?

The best hands free can opener is one of the most identifiable kitchen gadgets all over the world. These incredible inventions have allowed us to open canned goods with moderate ease for quite some time. While the original, hand-held version of the can opener was created back in 1858, it wasn’t until 1931 that an … Read more

How To Use An Electric Can Opener

A can opener is one of the most important kitchen utensils someone can own and it’s important that you get the best hands free can opener. They work really hard to open vegetables, tuna, or any other type of canned food. While manual can openers have their perks, what is so great about the best … Read more

How To Replace Blades On Electric Can Openers

Just about every household in the world has a can opener in their kitchen, some people even have the best hands free can opener too. Whether it’s manual, hands free or electric! This is especially true for electric can openers. In modern society, the electric can opener has become one of the most essential products … Read more

How To Clean An Electric Can Opener

Cleaning an electric can opener is an important part of maintaining its ability to open cans. Especially if you have the best hands free can opener. Certain juices, water, etc can rust the parts on the can opener. This is why keeping it clean is critical. It also prevents smells from building up on the … Read more

How To Protect Glass Top Stove From Cast Iron

Glass top stoves can be a pain when it comes to protection due to how fragile they are, and cast iron is it’s enemy. However, even if you have the best cookware for a glass top stove, you can still damage it. Even the best griddles for glass stove tops can damage it… To avoid … Read more