Can I Use Steel Wool on Cast Iron Cookware?

Can you use steel wool on cast iron

If you’ve recently bought a cast iron skillet or Dutch oven, congratulations! These are some of the most versatile pieces in your kitchen. But you want to make sure you know how to take care of them properly for years to come. One question that often pops up is whether it’s safe to use steel … Read more

Can You Deep Fry In a Non-Stick Pan?

Can you deep fry in a non-stick pan

Do you love French fries as much as I do? I know they aren’t healthy, but I can’t get enough of them! They are especially tasty when deep fried, but what if you don’t have a deep fryer? In this article, I’ll be covering everything you need to know about deep frying in a non … Read more

Stainless Steel vs Cast Iron: Which is Better for You?

stainless steel vs cast iron

Cooking is a great hobby and with all the new cookware out there it can be difficult to determine which you should use. Stainless steel has been dominating the market for quite some time, but is stainless steel as good as cast iron? In this article I’ll be comparing two of the most popular types … Read more

5 Ways To Remove Milk From A Glass Top Stove

clean burnt milk from glass top stove

Let me start with this, burnt milk on a glass top stove is VERY easy to remove. Acidic products simply dissolve calcium based products, and burnt milk is a calcium based product. In this article I’ll be discussing multiple ways to clean burnt milk from a glass stove top. White Vinegar and Baking Soda Becuase … Read more

What Is A skillet? And What Is It Used For?

what is a skillet

You’ve probably come across a skillet and wondering what it is, and how it’s used, maybe because you are thinking of buying one as an addition to your kitchen. Well skillets are a piece of cookware very similar to a frying pan, and they are specifically used to sear meat. In this article, I’ll be … Read more

Cast Iron Vs Ceramic Cookware: Which Is Better For You?

cast iron vs ceramic cookware

Cast iron vs ceramic can be a difficult argument, both cast iron and ceramic cookware have their benefits, and both are suited to their own audiences. Cast iron typically tends to be used by home cooks who don’t mind a steeper learning curve, and are willing to take the time to care for their cookware. … Read more

How To Strip Seasoning From A Cast Iron Pan

how to strip seasoning off cast iron

Achieving a clean, seasoned cast iron pan can be daunting. Those stubborn bits of seasoning just seem to never want to come off! But it’s a worthwhile task. The payoff is having a smooth, shiny surface that’s easy to clean and won’t rust. What you’ll need Easy off oven cleaner Sponge Lemon juice or vinegar … Read more

Can A Cast Iron Pan Go In The Oven?

can a cast iron pan go in the oven

A cast iron skillet is a versatile, durable kitchen appliance that can be used for several purposes. However, there are still some things you should know before deciding to put it in the oven. This post will provide you with everything you need to know about using your cast iron pan in the oven! Can … Read more

Why Is My Cast Iron Pan Smoking?

why is my cast iron pan smoking

You have just started to cook your food, you’ve got your cast iron pan nice and hot, and suddenly it starts smoking uncontrollably. What’s worse is it doesn’t stop. Before you know it your kitchen if filled with smoke. Well that smoke is coming straight from the cooking oil you are using, and choosing different … Read more