Best Budget Cast Iron Dutch Oven – Strong, Durable & Quality picks

Need the best budget cast iron dutch oven? Well lucky for you I needed one too. After a lot of research I decided not to let it go to waste.

This small guide will go over my top cast iron dutch oven picks and guess what? They will all be in your price range.

Make sure you check out the table below if your in a rush, it’s a quick list of my top picks.

It may also be helpful to know how to clean burnt grease from frying pans if your opting in for the cast iron option.

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Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Lodge Cast iron dutch oven

My top pick out of them all is the lodge cast iron dutch oven.

With a great budget price tag, this has all the features to make it an amazing value purchase.

Holding up to 5 quartz, this can easily cater for a family of 4. Perfect for those with middle sized families.

Hate seasoning? Well lucky for you, this dutch oven comes with Lodge’s own seasoning already applied which is made from 100% vegetable oil. That’s right, no synthetic seasoning.

The durability and versatility is also great, this is the dutch oven I decided to go with, and the bread that I cooked came out amazing.

If you love your American made products, then you will love the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch oven.

You can get the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch oven here.

Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven

Amazon Basics Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven

Love Amazon Basics? Amazon basics are so big they don’t have to invest in marketing, that means they can invest every cent into their products to produce quality others cannot compete with. I always check Amazon Basics for products as they always have value.

This dutch oven is 6 Quarts which will easily cater for a family of 4 and maybe even a family of 5 if you push it.

It comes preseasoned so you won’t have to mess around seasoning it yourself, however it isn’t non stick seasoning so it will be a bit more difficult to clean.

The only downside some might find is the cast iron is made in china, and some people like their cast iron to be locally made, or made in countries where they are known for top quality cast iron.

However, when you are on a budget, this cast iron certainly holds up with it’s durability.

You can get the Amazon basics cast iron dutch oven here.

Legend Cast Iron Dutch Oven | Multi Cooker Skillet

Legend Cast Iron Dutch Oven | Multi Cooker Skillet

Like to make your money go far? Need a skillet as well as a dutch oven? Your in for a treat with this one.

Not only is the legend dutch oven a dutch oven, but it’s a skillet too. So if you are on a budget, then this may be perfect for you.

This is only 3 quarts, so it will only cater for one or two people maximum, perfect for anyone who is living by their self or with a partner.

Legend are famous for their durability due to them using their premium-grade steel and iron, meaning this one will definitely last you a lifetime. What more could you ask for?

It also comes pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil, the more you season it, the better and more personal it becomes. Perfect for passing down the generations and creating a story of your own.

Need warranty? You really don’t, not with this cast iron. I’ve tried putting a dent in it myself, it’s impossible. This will truly last a lifetime.

If you would like the Legend cast iron multi cooker skillet, then get it here.

Overmont Dutch Oven

Overmont Dutch Oven

The Overmont dutch oven is another great budget pick.

It holds up to 5 quarts which is enough for a family of 4.

The lid also converts into a skillet, so you can use this for multipurpose cooking, like the Legend dutch oven, although if I was to choose based on functionality, I would go for the Legend dutch oven.

This comes pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil like many others, so no worrying about any synthetic seasoning.

It also comes with a stand, so you can cook on your stove, in the oven and even outside, one thing which many of the dutch ovens don’t have, making it an incredibly versatile dutch oven.

Personally, I would pick this as my value pick if I was an outdoors type of person, but I love cooking in the kitchen way to much and don’t venture into the wild at all.

You can get the Overmont dutch oven here.

Bayou Classic 7360 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Bayou Classic 7360 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

The Bayou classic cast iron dutch oven is a whopping 8.5 quarts, which is perfect for those bigger families. I would say this could cater for up to 7 people. This isn’t just good for bigger families though, this can be useful for guests, parties and events.

The 8.5 Quarts dutch oven comes with feet attached to the bottom to increase the versatility. This allows the dutch oven to be used outside as well as inside.

It has great heat retention and distribution to save you money on your bills, and cook your food evenly.

And it comes preseasoned so you don’t have to add seasoning yourself when you purchase it, although it’s always a good idea to reseason to increase the quality it provides over time.

This is simply the best budget cast iron dutch oven for bigger families, and I haven’t seen another that comes close in terms of value.

You can get the Bayou Classic here.


Dutch ovens are great, especially cast iron ones, although enamel dutch ovens are great too, cast iron have an authentic look that looks great in any kitchen.

It’s hard finding the best budget cast iron dutch oven, but when you compare many it becomes easier to find ones that provide great value.

You need to take into account the size, the producer of the cast iron, and the versatility of it to determine whether it has value.

All of the picks I have chose above are great value picks and I have taken all of the above factors into account when deciding, so no matter which one you pick, you know your getting great value for your money on a budget.

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