The Best Electric Can Opener – Perfect for seniors or arthritis sufferers

I use to be reluctant to using electric can openers, I’ve had arthritis for a while and they always seemed to be more effort when I looked into buying one. Eventually the struggle of opening multiple large cans a day with arthritis pushed me into getting one.

After using it for the first time, I was oddly satisfied, it was no effort at all. Since then I have always used electric can openers. They really help my arthritic hands.

If you do suffer from extremely severe arthritis, then a hands free can opener may be the best option for you.

Tested And Reviewed

All my picks have been decided based on how well the best electric can openers best open large cans due to my arthritis, because if they can open large cans, they can open all sizes. This is good for everyone.

I have take multiple factors into account that can really make a good difference like the motors power, the durability and the can cut.

Therefor, no matter which electric one you pick, you can and will get the most value for your money.

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch

Hamilton Beach can opener

The Hamilton beach smooth touch is the best overall in my opinion, it cuts from the side of the can instead of the top which is called a side cut, believe it or not, this makes removing the lid from the can much easier and safer for people with arthritis and the best opener of the brand.

This is easy to use, all you need to do is align the can up as you do with the can opener, while holding the can, you press the lever at the top downwards. This locks the can into place which you will hear. Now push the lever down more and the can opener will start. Making it easy to open cans.

You need to hold the lever down until it has done one full rotation. You will know when it’s finished opening the can as you will hear the pitch of the motor change into a higher pitch.

So lets dive into the specs of. The can opener cuts from the side of the can, this leaves a smooth edge on top of the can, but you should still avoid touching the can, although if you do, the chances of getting cut from the can are much much lower. One of the best for safety.

This model can also open pop top lids, and the lever to start the can opening only requires a light touch, so it won’t be much effort at all to open cans.

The motor is also strong enough to open any size can, which is why it has entered our review list. However this can opener it is not battery operated.

With a 5 year warranty, you know this will be a long lasting can opener.

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach can opener

Enjoy fully automatic can openers? You know the ones that can stop by themselves that are easy to use? Well this model does just that, with an automatic stop function, you align the can, push down the lever and the can opener starts and stops once it’s finished. Great for arthritis sufferers who need their can opening!

This one has completely different features to the previous model. It starts off by opening the cans from the top instead of the side of the can, the difference is, the magnet pulls the lid off the can, allowing safe removal. However, I’d rate this the second best for safety due to it not leaving a smooth edge on the can lid.

It has the best knife sharpener at the back, which is very convenient if you have a knife set that did not come with a knife sharpener.

And if you find washing can openers electric difficult, this one allows you to remove the part that opens the cans, simply push the button at the top and remove it. Give it a quick wash and push it back in until you hear it snap back in.

The cord is also stored inside the electric can opener, you just pull it out, and plug it in. The only downside that I can find is it’s not a retractable cord, so you have to put it back into the can opener manually.

The aesthetics on the can opener are the best in my opinion. its mainly black with the top chrome, a modern look for a modern household.

Cuisinart Basic Model

Cuisinart can opener

The Cuisinart is a basic model which is a big competitor to be the best.

With a wide base and a stainless steel finish, it focuses on the most important process, opening a can. The main reason you would buy this is the sheer simplicity and speed while avoiding sharp edges on can lids.

You simply align the can, push down the lever which attaches the magnet to the can, then push it down more and hold it to start the can opening. You do have to keep your hand under the can ready to grab it as the magnet attaches to the can lid and that is the only part securing the can in place.

It has a power blade which allows the can opener to cut quickly, regardless of the can size, which means it is brilliant for arthritis. These basic can openers don’t leave a smooth edge though.

It has a very strong magnetic can lid holder which will hold the can very securely in place until the lid is removed and has a beautiful steel brushed finish so it looks good in any kitchen. The Cuisinart also has a removable action lever for easy cleaning.

The only downside Is the lack of features. When compared to other can openers, this is very basic, but it does a great job of opening cans. Overall, not the best if you love your extra features on a can opener.

Black & Decker

Black and Decker can opener

The Black and Decker can opener has a tall design, this is to accommodate larger than normal cans. It is a simple white design with removable parts to make the cleaning process easier, perfect for people with arthritis. It’s also electric.

To use, you simply align the can opener, and push down the lever until a full rotation has been completed and then remove the top of the can. Very simple.

It has a piercing blade which allows easy cutting and speeds up the process, it roughly takes around 10 seconds to open a can. The magnet is incredibly strong, and it latches onto the can lid. However, as with other models you will need to hold the can once it has finished to avoid it falling.

It has a built in knife sharpener and bottle opener feature for convenience.

Proctor Silex Power

Proctor Silex Power can opener

The Proctor Silex Power can opener is another easy to use basic model, but it emphasises on can opening rather than other features, which is what I buy this product for anyway. It has a short cut technology which means it will open every can in one rotation with failure. It’s also quick at opening any can or cans regardless of size.

What I really like about this can opener is it latches onto the can lid, however one half of the lid will always go down while the other comes up, this allows the can or cans to stay in place after the lid is open and allows you to grab it with ease.

It does has cord storage and a sharpener for knifes. While having a detachable lever for easy cleaning.

It’s a basic white colour, however you can get it in black depending on the design of your kitchen. Simply the best for arthritis sufferers who like their basic electric openers for cans.

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