For me, griddles are essential for any kitchen. Not only do they cook food well, but they provide a fantastic surface area which is sought upon with recipes where you can use the fat from one food, and cook other foods with it like a bacon burger.

Having the best griddle for glass top stove is important, choosing the wrong griddle will not only leave you frustrated when it comes to cooking a recipe, but it will make it challenging too. If your looking around for cookware too, our best cookware for glass top stoves is worth looking at, we have spent relentless hours reviewing the best cookware to avoid scratching.

There are many different factors that you need to take into account when choosing the best griddle for a glass stove such as surface area, heat distribution, heat conductivity, weight and additional features.

You also need to factor in materials which will not damage the cooking surface of the glass top stove because glass stoves are extremely fragile to rough and heavy equipment. Those who own cast iron equipment need to know how to protect your glass top stove from cast iron.

What Is The Best Griddle For A Glass Stove Top?

Taking in all the factors, I have decided to go with the Sensarte cast aluminum griddle. Glass stove tops are delicate, and thus require light weight materials that won’t damage it.

Aluminum with a non stick cooking surface is what I was aiming for, and the Sensarte provides just that.

Aluminum is light enough to avoid scratches on a glass top stove, and it’s non stick so it doesn’t ruin your recipes.

Read below for the full review.

1) Sensarte Cast Aluminum Griddle (Best Value)

The Sensarte cast aluminum griddle is probably my all time favourite, at a reasonable price it provides everything you need for cooking on a glass top stove.

It’s a double burner griddle, which has a bigger surface area than your standard single burner griddle which is fantastic for bigger meals like breakfast for a family.

The non stick coating is safe from harmful chemicals like PFOA and does a fantastic job at preventing foods from sticking. This is especially important if you are frying meats where the seared section tends to stick. The non stick material also makes this extremely easy to clean with soapy water.

The cast aluminium provides a relatively light weight trait that makes it easy to move whilst avoiding scratching, combined with the non stick coating that makes it non reactive, it’s a perfect fit for a glass top stove.

Featuring a reversible grill side to sear your steaks, and on the other side a completely flat cooking surface, it’s perfect for sandwiches. This griddle has been designed for versatility, and it clearly does a fantastic job at that.

Last but not least is the grease trap, in each corner you can see slight dips in the griddle, this catches any excess grease which is not only beneficial for health, but it stops your food from becoming to greasy.

The only downside to this is, aluminum has a tendency to warp under high temperatures, which doesn’t make it the best for recipes that need extreme heat.

It’s simply a great versatile griddle with only one flaw, the warping.

2) Cuisinart Double Burner Stainless Steel Griddle (Best Overall)

Cuisinart is a very popular brand, and one of my favourites, they provide great quality cookware for a great price.

This stainless steel griddle is a double burner griddle so it’s got a fantastic surface area to deal with bigger meals compared to a single burner griddle, and it’s stainless steel instead of aluminum. However, it does have an aluminum core to help with heat conductivity and distribution. It’s a 3 ply griddle.

When it comes to glass top stoves, if your looking for a griddle that can retain it’s heat, it’s always better to go with a stainless steel griddle over a cast iron griddle for glass top stove. Simply because anything made of cast iron is typically rough and can scratch a glass top stove easy.

This griddle has a non stick surface created by a coating that’s safe and healthy which means you don’t have to go through the task of seasoning it.

Due to stainless steels ability to take extreme temperatures without breaking, this can also be used on a gas stove if you ever move house or decide to change your stove.

This is 4lb, which is 1.3lb more than the Sensarte, so you do have to take some extra care when moving it to avoid damage to your glass stove, however with care this is a fantastic choice for a griddle.

It has an riveted handles that stay cool, which is very useful in terms of mobility and it’s dishwasher safe so it’s easy to clean.

The only downside to this is the weight, as you know, weighted items are not too friendly with glass cooktops, but the handles counteract this by providing extra control. Overall this is griddle is the runner up for the best griddle for glass top stove.

It’s great value, resistant to high temperatures, has a non stick surface, versatile to work on any stovetop burners, has great heat conduction due to an aluminum core, fantastic cooking space and the stainless steel griddle is made from a high quality 3-ply construction. Overall one of the best griddle deals you can get for glass stovetops.

Can You Use A Griddle On A Glass Cooktop?

You can use a griddle on a glass cooktop, and although these cooktops are extremely fragile when it comes to scratches, light weight cookware that can tolerate heat have the perfect design to be used on it.

When thinking about purchasing a griddle for glass cook top, you need to make sure you are looking for light weight cookware with a smooth surface. We have done this for you with our selections above for the best griddle for glass top stove.

Anything else, and you can potentially scratch your glass cook tops, and depending on how deep the scratch is, it may require a brand new replacement.

What Should You Not Use On A Glass Top Stove?

When it comes to the what you can’t use. It’s typically anything rough and heavy. Cast iron is probably infamous for ruining glass top stoves due to it’s rough texture and extremely heavy weight.

Most people who use cast iron on their glass cook tops without knowing the consequences, often end up looking for guides on how to remove scratches.

And depending on how deep the scratch is, it’s not easy.

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