The Best Long Lasting Frying Pan – Our Top Picks

If you’re like me, you like durability, you want the best long lasting frying pan, one that doesn’t wear out. It needs to be tough, resilient and last a lifetime.

Well I’m here to help.

I’ve spent a ton of time researching different frying pans, taking into consideration ones I’ve owned, and I’ve picked the most durable, long lasting frying pans to choose from below, each with their own speciality.





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Rachael Ray 


Large Meals

Circulon Elite



Which Is the Best Long Lasting Frying Pan?

The selections below are all great in terms of durability, you won’t go wrong no matter which one you pick below.

However, I have placed brackets in their titles to demonstrate what they are best for, so you can get the best long lasting frying pan that’s most suited to your situation.


Calphalon 8″ (Best For Durability)

Calphalon Long lasting frying pan for small meals

If you’re looking for a small durable frying pan, then I would definetly recommend the Calpalon.

With Calphalons impressive lifetime warranty, you know that this will last. I’ve also owned the Calphalon frying pan and I will vouch for it’s durability. It never failed me.

So what makes it so long lasting or possibly the best long lasting frying pan? Well it’s hard anodized. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s a process where they harden it with an electro-chemical process.

Want to know how hard that is? It’s twice as hard as stainless steel. Built for durability, you can’t go wrong with hard anodized pans.

The Calphalon has a non stick surface, so it’s easy to cook with and wash up after.

With a Heavy gauge aluminum construction it distributes heat perfectly, leaving your food evenly cooked, no more worrying about one side burning.

This is in my opinion, the best long lasting frying pan, assuming you don’t mind the small size. You can get it here.

However, if you are looking for something bigger as part of your collection, see my next pick below.

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Calphalon 12″ (Best For Durability)

Calphalon long lasting frying pan for bigger meals

Starting to see a trend here? Yes, Calphalon are an amazing brand for producing the best long lasting frying pans.

With their hard anodized pans they are extremely durable and come with a lifetime warranty to reassure you of their durability. Definitely a feature needed for the best long lasting frying pan.

This one is 12″ so if you are looking for a bigger one, this is the pick for you. The other pans I cover below are great for durability, but they won’t match Caphalon pans.

Again this one has heavy gauge aluminum construction to distribute the heat over your food evenly and effectively.

It has a non stick surface for easy cooking and washing. It’s essentially the same as the 8″ pan above but bigger. Perfect for those cooking for families or bigger foods such as steak which needs it’s room to sear.

You can get the Calphalon here.

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T-fal 12″ (Best For Preheating)

T-fal long lasting frying pan for preheating indicator

Next up on my list is Tefal. If you’ve not heard of them yet, you will do. I absolutely love the Tefal brand, they produce amazing durable equipment. I’ve even wrote a review on the Tfal cookware sets.

I actually own a Tefal set right now, and I can tell you they are extremely durable.

So why did I choose the Tefal over Calphalon? Simply the design, I love the slick black design with a dark red accent colour to it, it really fits into my kitchen design, and they are just as durable as Calphalon pans. This really is the best long lasting frying pan if style is your preference.

They are hard anodized, so they provide a durable cooking surface that’s extremely hard to damage.

This does have a lifetime warranty as well to backup how long lasting this frying pan is.

This frying pan has a unique thermo spot indicator to let you know when your pan has finished preheating, ensuring perfectly cooked food everytime, a truly unique feature.

With a riveted silicone handle for safety and comfort, theres not one thing I wish this frying pan would have, it has all the features I need.

You can get it here.

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Rachael Ray 14″ (Best For Large Portions)

Rachael Ray long lasting frying pan for large meals

The Rachael Ray frying pan is extremely durable due to the hard anodized aluminium.

This pick is mainly for those who love cooking bigger meals due to the 14″ circumference of this frying pan. It will easily handle enough for a family of 4.

It has lifetime warranty to reassure you of it’s durability, it’s dishwasher safe nonstick so you don’t have to worry about the nonstick effect wearing off like with some frying pans.

Because of the size of this frying pan it does have a second handle. This is really helpful for those who might not have much strength in their wrist muscles. Not only that but the handles are double riveted to provide extra strength.

The Rachael Ray can also be used in the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it versatile.

This is a great purchase and the best long lasting frying pan for those cooking larger meals for multiple people, if that doesn’t sound like you, then I would recommend the Calphalon or Teflon depending on your preference of style.

You can get the Rachael Ray here.

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Circulon Elite¬†12″ (Best For Non Stick)

Circulon long lasting frying pan for patented non stick technology

Finally we mover to the Circulon frying pan. This one is the most expensive out of them all but there is a reason for that.

This one has special patented non stick technology which involves raised circles to keep the food cooking beautifully while not allowing it to stick for an easy clean up.

It is hard anodized so again it’s extremely resilient and durable.

It comes with a handy see through lid so you can lock in the heat while monitoring the food to ensure it cooks just how you like it. No more guessing if it’s done before releasing the heat.

With it being oven safe you can use this in your oven up to temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it a versatile frying pan.

Last but not least it has lifetime warranty to reassure you of it’s durability.

This is a great purchase and the best long lasting frying pan for those who love cooking in nonstick pans and want to retain their high standards of cooking, this is mainly why it’s a more expensive frying pan due to their patented technology.

You can get the Circulon elite here.



Regardless of what you look for in a frying pan, durability is one of the most important features. You need the best long lasting frying pan so you don’t have to buy a new one within a year.

All the picks I have chosen above are highly durable due to the hard anodized aluminum which is twice as strong as steel.

However, each pick I have chosen comes with it’s own speciality, and this speciality should decide which one you buy.

If you are looking for only durability, then the Calphalon frying pans will be the best option for you.

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