Best Oven Mitts For Cast Iron – 5 Best Picks For Ultimate Protection

Burnt your hands again on your cast iron skillet again? Too right it’s not fun. You need to use the Best oven mitts for cast iron to protect yourself, any other just won’t suffice.

Oven mitts aren’t specifically designed for cast iron, therefor it can be hard to choose the right ones to give you sufficient heat protection. You read our guide on what temperature protection do oven mitts have for more information.

In this guide I’ll be going over the best oven mitts for cast iron, ensuring you get the oven mitts with the best heat resistance.

Best Oven Mitts For Cast Iron Reviews

Below I have picked the best oven mitts for cast iron, taking into consideration multiple factors such as how far the protection goes up the arms, what temperatures they can withstand, and where they are most suited.

These oven mitts are ordered from most recommended to least, however they are all selected as part of the best oven mitts for cast iron review so they all offer a lot of value.

HOMWE Silicone Oven Mitts – 450℉

silicone best oven mitts for cast iron

The HOMEWE silicone mitts are the highest rated product in comparison to any other mitts in this budget range and I believe they are the best oven mitts for cast iron. They have been designed to withstand high temperatures of up to 450 degrees with extra long length to prevent the forearms from burning. Perfect for outdoor grilling and baking.

Providing a completely waterproof exterior, these gloves will not only protect you from intense heat, but also protect you from steam burns. If you enjoy cooking meals that involves a lot of steam like pasta, then silicone mitts will be a perfect addition to your kitchen.

With their silicone exterior, they also provide high quality non slip grip, maximising your safety in the kitchen and potentially the safety of any pets, as these will help prevent hot cooking equipment from falling.

Lastly they are easy to clean with soap and warm water due to their stain resistant material, and they have a good storage capability with a hoop built in so you can hang them anywhere.

Homemaxs BBQ Gloves – 1472℉

Homemaxs BBQ best oven mitts for cast iron

Introducing the Homemaxs BBQ gloves with a heat resistance of an incredible 1472 degrees. These gloves are perfect for any type of cooking, especially barbecues with giant flames and that’s why they came second place in our best oven mitts for cast iron review.

These gloves have a silicone food grade exterior to give superb grip on all cooking equipment to ensure you don’t drop anything. Perfect for cooking outside with nature or even using a cast iron skillets indoors.

Not only are the Homemaxs gloves perfect for being resistant to heat, but they have their inner layer made with cotton to give supreme comfort and control whilst cooking.

And again, no more worrying about the forearms getting burned under intense heat, these gloves have extended wrist coverage to keep the forearms resistant to any heat.

Grill Armor Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

grill armor extreme best oven mitts for cast iron

The Grill Armor extreme heat resistant gloves are one of the most popular choices for oven gloves which is a good reason for them to enter the best oven mitts for cast iron review.

With their one size fits all and different size choices, it doesn’t matter what size hands you have, you will be able to find a pair that fits perfectly.

The beauty of these oven gloves are they are made with M-Aramid and P-Aramid fibres, making it thick and comfortable, whilst being lightweight and prevents the gloves from catching fire when exposed to an open flame.

The silicone super grip exterior allows supreme control over kitchen equipment whilst cooking food. Perfect for those who love baking, grilling and cooking with cast iron.

So what makes these oven gloves stand out from the crowd? They provide good grips on equipment, whilst being heat resistant and most importantly, extremely durable.

YUXIER Oven Gloves

yuxier best oven mitts for cast iron

The Yuxier oven gloves can provide heat resistance of up to 1472 degrees Fahrenheit for anywhere between 5-10 seconds. Since cast-iron struggles to get to 600 degrees fahrenheit, these are perfect for handling cast-iron in the kitchen.

However, they have been designed specifically for outdoor BBQ’s which makes them extremely versatile for cooking.

The Yuxier oven gloves are made from Deyen Aramid fibres which are made in Germany, making these gloves acid, alkaline, cut and heat resistant.

Lastly they are anti-slip for great control, and are easy to clean.

Rifny Silicone Oven Mitts

Rifny silicone best oven mitts for cast iron

The Rifny silicone oven mitts are a great choice for handling baking equipment and cast iron. They are extremely low budget for those with low amounts of money and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees fahrenheit.

With a silicone exterior and a quilted lining, you don’t just get great grip and control, but you also get comfort.

They are easy to clean since silicone exteriors are always easy to clean, and they have hoops attached for easy storage. They might be the cheapest on the market, but they definitely pack a punch in terms of functionality.

Best Oven Mitts For Cast Iron Buyers Guide

You need need the best oven mitts for cast iron to prevent you or your family from burning their hands. We did a test and surprisingly cast iron managed to reach a whopping 625 degrees Fahrenheit. Anyone who has dealt with temperatures like this before knows it can melt the skin within seconds.

That’s why it’s important to get the great quality heat resistant oven mitts.


Material is the most important factor by far, get the wrong material and your oven mitts won’t last long with cast iron. Get the right material, and your oven mitts will last extra long and provide perfect heat resistance.

Overall we only recommend two materials for cast iron, and some oven mitt brands do combine these materials.

The budget options are normally silicone, as silicone is a relatively cheap material. The higher end oven gloves contain multiple layers of silicone, aramid, nomax and kevlar to provide great dexterity while protecting you from the heat of cast iron.

Grip & Dexterity

Grip and dexterity are crucial for safety. Oven gloves normally allow each finger to move separately and freely, this provides more control and is used with cooking that requires more consistent movements such as handling pans on the stove. Oven mitts generally provide greater protection however some dexterity is reduced to provide this, they are generally used to handle baking trays and other items that may go in the oven.

You want to aim for a silicone exterior for grip, and choose oven gloves or oven mitts depending on your needs.


The length of the oven gloves or mitts is essential for safety. One of the most common burns when cooking is from cooking oil due to it spattering under intense heat. However oil splattering is not the only problem, I once flipped a pancake and I had used to much cooking oil, the result? A massive portion of the cooking oil went onto my arm. I had blisters everywhere.

That’s why length is important, because my gloves only covered my hands, and my arms suffered. Make sure you get the correct length for your style of cooking to ensure safety.


Size of the mitts or gloves is not too much of an important factor, hence why it’s at the bottom of our list. The wrong size mitts can lower your ability to control the cooking equipment. However, most gloves are one size fits all. Make sure to check on the product whether it requires a size selection or if it’s one size fits all.

If it does require a size, they will normally have a guide to select the correct size for your hands.

Best Oven Mitts For Cast Iron – FAQ

What is the best material for oven mitts?

The recommended material for the best oven mitts for cast iron is actually a combination of materials.

The first material is silicone, it provides incredible heat protection and grip which protect your hands and ensures you don’t drop your cast iron.

The second material to combine it with is cotton, this is used by lining the oven mitts to provide extra comfort when handling hot cast iron like dutch ovens.

Do silicone oven mitts work?

Silicone oven mitts do work, they are some of the best on the market and this is a key material we look for when deciding the best oven mitts for cast iron. They protect your hands with their incredible heat resistant property. They are easy to clean and you can get them in an extra long size to not only protect your hands but protect your arms too.

However, if you are looking for higher quality oven mitts, then you can opt for oven mitts made out of aramid fibers with silicone elements running throughout. This will provide even more heat resistance.

Aramid fibers are actually used in aerospace and military applications due to their heat resistant properties, they also have no melting point.

Do chefs use oven mitts?

Interestingly enough, no they don’t.

Maybe at home they do, but certainly not in a kitchen.

Chef’s work in a very fast paced environment, they don’t have time to keep putting oven gloves on every time they need to touch something hot. They go with convenience instead and use kitchen towels stacked up.

Not only can kitchen towels protect them from burns, but they can be used to wipe up mess as well, so they become a multi tool in a kitchen.

Should you use oven mitts? Definitely. Chef’s are highly trained in the kitchen and they have had a lot of practice. The last thing you want is to drop a hot cast iron pan on yourself or even a pet at home.

Be safe and use oven mitts. It’s not worth it to use kitchen towels, you are in no rush.

Do you need one or two oven mitts?

You need two oven mitts, don’t skimp out here. You are looking for the best oven mitts for cast iron for protection, if you don’t get two, you won’t have the best protection.

There may be many items which only require one hand, for example small baking items. However if you have an item that’s heavier, or bigger, then you need two hands to have that extra leverage.

Again, this is about health and safety, don’t risk injuring yourself, get two oven mitts.

I hope you enjoyed our best oven mitts for cast iron review, we have carefully decided the best oven mitts based on a lot of factors to give you the best protection.

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