Calphalon did produce everything in the USA, but they were taken over by Newell and became part of the Newell brands. Newell own quite a few brands such as Rubbermaid, Ball, Foodsaver, Sistema, crock-pot and Bernardin. So they are quite a reputable company. They produce quite a lot of calphalon cookware that made it to our best calphalon cookware article.

Now Calphalon were originally founded in 1963 by Ronald Kasperzak, and located in Perrysburg, Ohio. However they didn’t start with the name Calphalon, they were originally called Commercial Aluminum Cookware Company as they focused more on Commercial Aluminum. This was produced in Toledo, Ohio.

But as time went on, they began to change their target audience and thus started created different cookware products.

They started to create hard anodized pots and pans, bakeware and cutlery, and thus Calphalon the brand was born.

It wasn’t until 1998 that Newell purchased the brand and added it to their collection of brands.

Now we wanted to find out if they still produced their cookware in Toledo, Ohio, and if not, then where are their pots and pans being produced?

Are Calphalon products made in USA?

Calphalon cookware may be an American-based company but they manufacture their cookware in China.

The only remaining product from Calphalon that is still being made in the USA, is the Premier Stainless Steel Set. This cookware set is made in Toledo, Ohio.

Why did Calphalon move their production to China?

Sometimes when a company moved their production line to China, it can end it lower quality products. And when you are buying cookware, you realistically want the best quality.

However, since customers are typically looked for better value for money, moving production lines to china sometimes make sense as they can lower the costs of the products whilst sacrificing some quality.

“It has been a challenge to make a product that will meet our standards for quality and performance while being affordable enough to reach customers who have limited budgets,” says Richard

So how does this move affect Calphalon? Well we have been using Calphalon products for quite a while, and we haven’t noticed much difference in terms of quality, so we would say this move in a success.

However we understand that some people take pride in their country, especially one as great as the USA, and buying products made in China is not something you want. So for some this is not such a great move from Calphalon.

What cookware brands are made in the USA?

The following cookware brands all manufacture their cookware in the USA. So if your are looking for a good alternative for your pots and pans then all of these brands offer quality in their cookware.

  • Made In
  • Viking
  • Nordic Ware
  • Lodge
  • Brooklyn

Which Brand Do We Recommend?

If your not that keen on Calphalon, and you want cookware from companies producing their cookware in America, then we recommend Made In for the go to cookware made in the USA.

Made In

Made In are a relatively new brand, and have thousands of 5 star reviews. Not only that, but they are trusted by Michelin starred restaurants across America. They produce top quality cookware that everyone enjoys using.

They are also listed as CNBC’s top 100 startups, and are claiming to offer everything that all-clad offer but for half the price.

Truly a magnificent cookware brand that offers great value for money.

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