How To Get Rid Of Brown Well Water: The Definitive Guide

brown water running from a tap

It’s frustrating isn’t it, you turn your tap on, only to see brown water coming right out of it. Your first thought is, how do I get rid of brown well water? Well interestingly enough it might not even be coming from your well. There are four reasons you have brown well water, either rust, iron, tannins, or … Read more

How To Clean Burnt On Grease From Frying Pans

cleaning burnt on grease off frying pan

Burnt grease on your frying pans has to be the most frustrating thing imaginable, no matter how much you scrub away, soak it in solutions, it just won’t come off. Did you burnt on grease can be either alkaline or acidic? and if it’s an alkaline, then you can use soak it in an acidic … Read more