Halogen Hobs Pros And Cons: Should You Buy One?

halogen hobs pros and cons

In this article we will be discussing the pros and cons of halogen hobs. Our aim is to help you decide whether a halogen hob is right for your needs, and to provide you with an overview of the pros and cons of using them. The pros of halogen hobs The advantages of using a … Read more

What Is A Large Saucepan? And What’s Their Purpose?

what is a large saucepan

A large saucepan is a type of pot used in cooking. They’re perfect for boiling, simmering, and making heavy sauces. They can be made from stainless steel, aluminum or non-stick metal and come in various sizes. Though they are called “large” pans, it’s important to keep in mind that the size will vary depending on … Read more

Is Teflon Banned? And What’s A Good Alternative?

is teflon banned

Teflon, a substance widely used in cookware and found on many non-stick surfaces, has been shown to be toxic at high levels. The potentially harmful effects of Teflon have led many countries to ban the substance for use in consumer products. Is Teflon still used in cookware? Teflon is still used in cookware, but the … Read more

How To Tell If Skillet Is Oven Safe

how to tell if skillet is oven safe

There are four ways to check to see if your skillet is oven safe, you can either check the label on the pan, check the manufacturers website, test what metals are in your skillet or finally test it in the oven for a short duration to see if it gets slightly damaged. Keep reading to … Read more

What to Do with Old Frying Pans

what to do with old frying pans

There are multiple things you can do with old frying pans, you can recycle, restore, repurpose and even resell them, but what’s the best option for you? Keep reading to find out what you should do with your old frying pans. How to dispose of old frying pans The best way to dispose of old … Read more

How Do I Reheat Garlic Bread?

how do i reheat garlic bread

The best method to reheat garlic bread, is using an air fryer, preheat your air fryer to 350°F, Slice your garlic bread up into small pieces, place all pieces of the bread in the basket of your air fryer, do not let them overlap, let them heat up in the air fryer for 2-3 minutes, … Read more

How to clean discolored enamel cookware

cleaning discoloured enamel cookware

Many people have discolored enamel in their cookware. While it’s not a reason to throw away the cookware, many people are afraid of the cleaning process. So here’s a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to clean your dish without any difficulty. The best way to clean discolored enamel What you’ll need: Baking soda … Read more

Wok Vs Frying Pan: What Should You Choose?

wok vs frying pan

Trying to choose between a wok and frying pan? You’re not alone! Here is a quick guide that should help you decide which type of pan best suits your needs. A wok is a round-shaped, concave-bottom pan with sloping sides that are used in Chinese cooking. The sloping sides allow liquids to be pushed towards … Read more

Dutch oven vs Roasting pan: What’s The Difference?

is a dutch oven or roasting pan better

A Dutch oven or roasting pan, which one should you choose? For years, this conversation has baffled cooks across the world. Both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what you’re cooking. But which is actually better for the long run and who do experts say to go with? We looked into both pans to … Read more