Magnalite cookware history

magnalite cookware history

The history behind magnalite cookware is quite an interesting history. Possibly one of the most interesting out of all the cookware brands. Magnalite cookware is a type of aluminum cookware. It was created in 1919 by Alcoa and then sold to World Kitchen, Inc. for $230 million dollars in 2007. The first version of Magnalite … Read more

How To Season Your Aluminum Pan

how to season an aluminum pan

Aluminum cookware has many advantages, it’s main appeal is it’s shiny non stick surface that’s lightweight and conducts heat quickly and efficiently. This makes them easy to manage and great for cooking, especially when you want fast cooking. Not only that, but you can put aluminum pans in the dishwasher, which makes them a very … Read more

How To Fix A Spray Bottle

How to fix a broken spray bottle

Spray bottles are used in every day life, especially when it comes to cleaning products. However they are not designed to be reusable, and this means they have a short life span. However, all is not lost. There are multiple ways to fix spray bottles using our cleaning tips to help you get the most … Read more

How To Clean Black Residue Off Cast Iron Skillet

Black residue on cast iron is simply frustrating. You go to cook your food, and it just gets coated in black stuff. The black residue is most likely food that’s left over from the last cook, and it’s managed to keep hold of the cast iron during cleaning. However there are a few ways to … Read more

Gotham Steel Pan Review

If you’ve stumbled onto this page, chances are you are looking for a relatively cheap frying pan that provides value with it’s quality. Regardless of how many people bash Gotham steel pans, I’ve tried them myself and I can’t find too many flaws with it, honestly for the price it’s quality. So why do people … Read more

Granulated Garlic vs Garlic Powder

The main difference between granulated garlic powder and granulated garlic is the texture and potency. Granulated garlic is more coarse than garlic powder. It looks very similar to salt; it also has a less potent flavor. Garlic powder is fine, so it looks precisely like chili powder, just with a different color. Since it’s ground … Read more

What Is A Clove of Garlic?

If you don’t know what a clove of garlic is, the chances are you’re just starting out in cooking, or your quite new to the garlic flavor. Whichever the reason, learning about cloves of garlic is essential to being a versatile cook. Cloves of garlic are used in many recipes because it adds such a … Read more

How To Clean Burnt Sugar Off Glass Stove Top

Cleaning a glass stovetop is much harder than it looks, people don’t understand how delicate you have to be a glass top stove to avoid damage. Having the best cookware for glass top stove does help a lot, but you can still drop food products and end up burning them like sugar. You should always … Read more

Best Griddle For Glass Top Stove

For me, griddles are essential for any kitchen. Not only do they cook food well, but they provide a fantastic surface area which is sought upon with recipes where you can use the fat from one food, and cook other foods with it like a bacon burger. Having the best griddle for glass top stove … Read more

Best Oil for Seasoning Stainless Steel Pans

Look, Teflon sucks. The same thing goes for other non-stick coatings. Not only do you have to baby them so they don’t get damaged, but they are also highly toxic. Class action lawsuit levels of toxic. The best way to have non-stick pans without all that poison is to season your stainless steel cookware. While … Read more