Stainless Steel vs Cast Iron: Which is Better for You?

stainless steel vs cast iron

Cooking is a great hobby and with all the new cookware out there it can be difficult to determine which you should use. Stainless steel has been dominating the market for quite some time, but is stainless steel as good as cast iron? In this article I’ll be comparing two of the most popular types … Read more

Cast Iron Vs Ceramic Cookware: Which Is Better For You?

cast iron vs ceramic cookware

Cast iron vs ceramic can be a difficult argument, both cast iron and ceramic cookware have their benefits, and both are suited to their own audiences. Cast iron typically tends to be used by home cooks who don’t mind a steeper learning curve, and are willing to take the time to care for their cookware. … Read more

Why Is My Cast Iron Pan Smoking?

why is my cast iron pan smoking

You have just started to cook your food, you’ve got your cast iron pan nice and hot, and suddenly it starts smoking uncontrollably. What’s worse is it doesn’t stop. Before you know it your kitchen if filled with smoke. Well that smoke is coming straight from the cooking oil you are using, and choosing different … Read more

The Best Oil For Seasoning Cast Iron

best oil to season cast iron

The best oil for seasoning cast iron is flaxseed oil, it’s a drying oil, it contains a high amount of polyunsaturated and unsaturated fats, and it contains a high amount of omega-3 which also helps to create a harder seasoning. All these factors combined make flaxseed oil the best oil for seasoning cast iron. If … Read more

Seasoned vs Unseasoned Cast Iron Skillet

unseasoned vs seasoned cast iron

One of the most popular and versatile cookware pieces for any kitchen is the cast iron skillet. For centuries, cooks have relied on these tried and true frying pans to create meals with a crispy, non-stick surface. They can go from stovetop to oven to table with ease. Regardless of whether you buy a pre-seasoned … Read more

Can You Put Butter in Cast Iron Skillet?

cooking with butter in cast iron skillet

You can use butter in a cast iron skillet, however, since butters smoking temperature is 350°F (177°C) it’s prone to burning, and this means that you’ll need to use low heat, cast iron is also hard to control the temperature, so if it starts burning, you won’t be able to cool the cast iron skillet … Read more

Do You Season Cast Iron After Every Use?

how often should i season cast iron

You do not need to season cast iron after every use, in-fact cast iron seasons itself whilst cooking, the only exception to this rule is if you have a brand new cast iron skillet, then you need to season it, and you can do so using our fantastic cast iron seasoning guide. Should I season … Read more

How Many Times Should You Season A Cast Iron Skillet?

how many times should you season a cast iron

You should season a cast iron skillet is 6 times, seasoning increases and decreases through cooking and cleaning, 6 layers of seasoning is enough to keep it going throughout years of cooking and cleaning. We recommend 6 times in our how to season a cast iron skillet guide, as this is the perfect number that … Read more