How Many BTU’s Are Needed For a Wok?

How Many BTUs Are Needed For a Wok

Are you considering purchasing a wok for your home kitchen but unsure of how many BTUs (British Thermal Units) you need to properly cook with it? Or perhaps you already own a wok but are struggling to get the desired results due to an inadequate BTU rating. If so, you are not alone. Many home … Read more

How to Season a Wok in the Oven

Seasoning a wok in the oven is the best method because the oven will contain the toxic fumes generated from the oils reaching their smoking point, in this guide we will teach you exactly how to season a wok in the oven perfectly everytime. Why Season a Wok Seasoning a wok is a technique that … Read more

Wok Vs Frying Pan: What Should You Choose?

wok vs frying pan

Trying to choose between a wok and frying pan? You’re not alone! Here is a quick guide that should help you decide which type of pan best suits your needs. A wok is a round-shaped, concave-bottom pan with sloping sides that are used in Chinese cooking. The sloping sides allow liquids to be pushed towards … Read more