How To Use A Wok Ring

You know you are a proper grownup when you get around to buying woks, tajines, smokers, and all other specialized cooking equipment. Now, a wok is an awesome multitasker, but they are one of the most misused cooking vessels in our kitchens. Not to mention that the contemporary stovetops are not able to accommodate a … Read more

How To Strip Seasoning From A Cast Iron Pan

how to strip seasoning off cast iron

Achieving a clean, seasoned cast iron pan can be daunting. Those stubborn bits of seasoning just seem to never want to come off! But it’s a worthwhile task. The payoff is having a smooth, shiny surface that’s easy to clean and won’t rust. What you’ll need Easy off oven cleaner Sponge Lemon juice or vinegar … Read more

Left cast iron skillet on burner. What do I do?

picture of a burning cast iron skillet pan

Some of us are forgetful and tend to leave our cast iron skillet on a burner. Before you know it, it’s flaking, worn, and looks ready to throw away. But that’s not true. When you leave a cast iron skillet on a burner, what happens is, the seasoning burns off. However, it doesn’t all burn … Read more

Is it ok to boil water in cast iron?

a picture of boiling water

So many people tend to boil liquids like water and sauces in their cast iron cookware. But is it safe to do? The short answer. Why do some people say you shouldn’t boil water in cast iron? There’s an old age myth. Suppose you boil water or any liquids in cast iron. In that case, … Read more

Where to Hang Oven Mitts

The best oven mitts for cast iron have been an essential kitchen tool since their invention in the late 1800s. These nifty mitts or gloves help protect our hands when taking hot cookware out of the oven. They come in so many styles, designs, and materials that can be really fun! However, where should they … Read more

How Much Heat Can Your Oven Mitts Take?

One might consider oven mitts as a very common household item, but often times, it goes unnoticed especially with how much intricacies are involved when choosing the best oven mitts for cast iron. If you happen to wander around a kitchen, you will surely see an oven mitt or two lying around, and in some … Read more

What Are Oven Mitts Made Of?

If you are a baker, or someone who works religiously in the kitchen, oven mitts can be considered as one of the most essential kitchen tools in your arsenal. You need to know the different materials that oven mitts are made out of so you can choose the best oven mitts for cast iron. These … Read more

How To Wash Oven Mitts

The best oven mitts for cast iron can get dirty very easily. These are often used in the kitchen. It’s one of the common daily items that are needed in cooking. It can get stained with baked food or grease very easily. Because of daily usage and handling of very hot equipment, stains can be … Read more

How To Clean Oven Mitts

If you work in the kitchen, or at least spend most of your time within one, chances are you’ve already seen and used an oven mitt. These mitts are lifesavers if you work inside a kitchen since it allows you to handle materials at high heat levels, without even worrying too much if you will … Read more