Cuisinart 12-inch skillet brings durability to a whole new level. It’s built using the new quantanium technology which is harder than chrome and stainless steel. This nonstick skillet is hard anodized 100% aluminum free which is where they use a electro chemical process to harden the material.

This provides durability for your cookware. The Cuisinart 622 30g is also reinforced with titanium giving it incredibly long lasting results and drip free.

Because this 12 inch classic skillet uses quantanium technology that is reinforced with titanium, it provides an easy to clean cooking surface especially for frying. Simply rinse it off, and the food will come off due to it’s incredible classic non stick capability even after it’s been left for a while after cooking.

So, let’s review the cuisinart in more depth and see why it’s a chef’s classic for cooking.

The Good

  • Extremely Durable & The non stick coating doesn’t come off
  • Quantanium non stick
  • Hard Anodized non stick skillet
  • Skillet is Oven Safe 500 degrees
  • Reinforced with Titanium
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Harder than Stainless Steel
  • Heat Distributed Evenly through the non stick skillet
  • Handle will stay cool with easy grip
  • Versatile for cooking

The Bad

  • Heavy due to reinforced titanium
  • Not designed to be induction friendly

Why it’s a high quality skillet That provides top performance

The Cuisinart 622 30g is a brilliant non stick 12 inch skillet. It’s oven safe and drip free which provides excellent durability for cooking and frying. Truly a great skillet if you are looking for something non stick worthy due to it’s hard anodized layer really protecting the nonstick cooking surface.

With it’s 12 inch diameter, it’s a heavy duty skillet that can handle frying large amounts of food that would feed a family. It’s very easy to clean due to it being nonstick and dishwasher safe, meaning you can stick the skillet and glass lid straight into it.

As I’ve also said in the introduction, this nonstick hard anodized 12 inch skillet is extremely strong due to it’s quantanium technology which makes it two times as strong as solid stainless steel which is very good and possibly the one of the best skillets made for years in terms of it’s high quality durability. The 622 30g is perfect for your kitchen.

Moving onto the design of the Cuisinart. It’s a skillet with glass cover making it versatile, with a cool grip handle that stays cool. It has sloped sides which is what you normally get with a skillet, and a hard anodized construction. The nonstick interior is a black colour which fits with most kitchens and most nonstick pans.

Customer Review – What customers thought of the Cuisinart 622 30g 12 inch skillet

The majority of people find that this hard anodized nonstick skillet which is reinforced with titanium and has a glass lid is a quality product for cooking.

In fact 78% of users have given it 5 stars on amazon meaning the overall value of the skillet is my definition of a top pick. Some have reported wear and tear on the non stick skillet, although this is a very few when it comes to the rating online.

The majority also said that the chef’s classic nonstick drip free has perfect nonstick coating which provides an even cooking on all the food.

People found that when they read the reviews, they generally could agree that they were helpful when deciding to buy the item. Now considering most of these are verified on the website, you can typically trust each comment.

Now it’s up to you whether you do or don’t believe it, however I can vouch for it as I have purchased a set including this skillet. I can tell you that it’s a fantastic cuisinart skillet that is great for cooking. I have owned many cuisinart nonstick skillets from a young age and they never produce less quality than the previous model skillet.

About Cuisinart & it’s non stick skillets

Cuisinart have been making professional cookware for around 30 years with superior quality. They have mastered the basics by looking at different classic cooking techniques and deciding what their cookware needs.

With it’s harder than stainless steel quantanium technology the cuisinart chef’s classic nonstick hard anodized skillet is one of it’s greatest products. It means you don’t have to season your skillet which is annoying when it comes to cast iron cookware and your trying to avoid uneven seasoning on cast iron.

It’s not just the chef’s classic nonstick hard anodized aluminum that makes their products great, it’s the thought and effort they have put into every feature to make flavours from the food release perfectly, making it a great choice for healthy cooking when comparing it to a standard fry pan.

Verdict – Should you buy the Cuisinart 622 30g?

The cuisinart frying pan is a great purchase and has a relatively lower price than any other skillet in this price range. It’s great for a long term cooking due to it’s durability, it’s also great for a short cook because of the heat retention allowing any type of meal to be cooked just right in a short amount of time.

The cuisinart is also great for cooking because it may handle different dishes without any issues, even if you just want to fry something simple like chicken.

So how does it compare to the T fal which is another big contender? Well apart from T fals thermo hot spots on the middle of the pan, it doesn’t really compare with it. Everything about the cusinart classic non stick fry pan is great and I have used this with ease everytime.

I have personally rated this great on amazon as I have purchased one years ago and I definitely recommend it. It’s an easy to clean skillet, it’s 12 inch which is great for families, it’s versatile for cooking, it’s oven safe, and nonstick, what more could you want?

So please, if you are wanting a durable skillet, then the nonstick Cuisinart is definitely the best option for your cooking. I cannot recommend a better product than this quantanium nonstick cooking skillet. So make sure you give it a look.

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