If you’ve stumbled onto this page, chances are you are looking for a relatively cheap frying pan that provides value with it’s quality.

Regardless of how many people bash Gotham steel pans, I’ve tried them myself and I can’t find too many flaws with it, honestly for the price it’s quality.

So why do people give leave negative feedback on it? Well I’ll answer that soon, but let’s review the Gotham steel pan to get a good picture of how it performs.

Gotham Steel 12” Pan Review

This is by far the best Gotham steel pan I have come across, from it’s supreme non stick surface to its luxurious design. The Gotham steel pan is an absolute bargain. After reading the reviews, I was concerned but this proved every bad review wrong and it absolutely flew threw my tests.


It features an award winning Ti-Cerama coating giving it the perfect non stick cooking surface, your food will literally slide straight off without any oil or butter.

It’s a titanium pan with an aluminum composition, giving it ultra durability and even heating. Lined with a heat resistant ceramic coating, it’s the perfect formula for a long lasting budget frying pan.

It’s aluminum composition gives it a light weight design for an extremely comfortable cooking experience.

All these features combined make it easy to clean, scratch resistant, dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Sounds good right?


Due to it’s titanium build, it has fantastic durability. Titanium is known for how durable it is and it’s commonly used in cookware.

Titanium is not only strong, but it’s resistant to rust, corrosion and warping.

The only bad part about titanium cookware is food sticks to it, however the Ti-Ceramic non stick coating counteracts this effect. Again, making it the perfect combination.

I’ve used the Gotham steel frying pan for around 1 year now, and I’ve not noticed any dents or corrosion on it. It almost looks brand new once I give it a clean.


The Gotham steel pan has excellent performance, we did multiple tests involving different foods, and absolutely non of them stuck.

However, we didn’t get the non stick we were hoping for, after cooking an egg we discovered that even though it didn’t stick, it wasn’t able to slide around either. We had to add some oil or butter to get the egg to slide. So although it is nonstick, it’s not as nonstick as the more expensive brands.

But for this price, it’s absolutely great value and one of the best nonstick surfaces I have come across in this price range.

In terms of heating, it heated up extremely quickly, within 1 minute it was preheated which is perfect for quick cooking, and the handle was very comfortable to hold.

The light weight design made it a joy to flip a pancake.

After cooking, we cleaned it, and we didn’t even need soap. Hot water and a soft sponge brought all the food straight off and it was crystal clean again.

Customer Reviews

Most customers are delighted with their Gotham Steel pans and have added it to their nonstick cookware collection. They report that the nonstick coating on these nonstick pans is great.

Most good reviews have come from people who have owned the gotham steel pan for 3 months or longer and are giving it 5 stars.

Some customers are giving it 1 star due to the non stick coating being defective, however as mentioned below, I believe this is due to them burning cooking oil onto the cooking surface or improper cooking techniques such as non preheating the pan first.

Taking both bad and good reviews into account, the good reviews massively outweight the bad reviews, and personally I haven’t had any issues with the gotham steel pan.


Overall the Gotham steel nonstock pan is wonderful, it has all the features you need for a budget pan, and it’s lasted me an entire year without any noticeable damage. I could probably get a few more years out of it and that to me is an absolute bargain.

I would rate this a 4/5 simply because I would have preferred food to slide better, however I can’t complain because to get that effect you normally need to spend a few more dollars.

It’s simply a high quality pan with great performance and versatility.

Why Do Gotham Steel Pans Have Bad Reviews?

So if you’ve been looking at the reviews for Gotham steel pans, you’ve probably noticed some bad reviews, well quite a few.

However, don’t let these fool you. The majority of the reviews are good! People always overlook the good reviews for the bad ones.

The most common bad review is about it’s non stick properties. People complain that the Gotham Steel Pans are not non stick. That’s simply not true.

I’ve used the Gotham steel pan myself and I can tell you they are 100% non stick and I don’t have to use oil or butter for the non stick effect.

So Why Do People State That Food Sticks to Their Pan?

Well if you know cooking like I do, you’ll understand that cooking oils have smoking points. The smoking point is the temperature at which oils start smoking. When oils reach their smoking point, they begin to polymerise which is where the oil changes from a liquid into a hard resin and sticks to the pan. There are ways to clean burnt grease from frying pans, but eventually this destroys the non stick layer and future attempts to cook will yield sticky food.

Does This Just Happen With Gotham Steel Pans?

No, this is the same with any pans, although different manufacturers use different materials for their cooking surface. Some are more durable than others, but they come at a much higher cost.

As long as you take care of your Gotham steel pan and don’t run it on a high temperature using an oil with a low smoking point, your pan will be fine. That’s why the majority of reviews are good, because people learn about caring for their cookware first, and I have to stress this, you should always learn to care for your pans because it’s essential with any brand to get the most value for money out of them.

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