I have racked my brain trying to decide which is better, the Gotham Steel or Copper Chef.

Is the copper a touch more durable? Does it take longer for rusting and corrosion to happen? Is there any other features that make one tool superior over another in this cookware category?

In this article we will be covering everything you need to know in the battle of the two cookware brands.

Gotham Steel vs. Copper Chef: Comparison

Below we have compared the different features of both brands cookware sets so you can make a personal choice on which is more suited to you.


When it comes to cooking, there are many factors to consider. What type of stove do you have? What is your preferred cuisine? Do you want a lightweight pan, or one that is more durable? When choosing a pan that’s best for cooking, it really depends on your personal circumstance, so below we give an overview on each pans traits so you can make the right decision.

Copper Chef pans are made with a sleek copper design and come in a variety of sizes. They also have a rich coppery color which works well with induction surfaces. The coating on these pans is made exclusively from ceramics, so they are 100% toxin-free. In addition, the Copper Chef pans are very durable and can withstand high temperatures without warping or melting.

Gotham Steel offers some great options too. Their pots and pans are lighter weight but still provide even heat distribution across the surface. However, there is less variety available with only one type of pan available for purchase through Gotham Steel’s product line.


Copper Chef is made with 100% copper and does not have any harmful chemicals or coatings. Gotham Steel, on the other hand, has a coating that contains several ingredients including nickel which is known to cause allergies and some cancers. Copper Chef has a higher quality non-stick surface which makes cooking easier. Gotham Steel’s coating is not as good of a conductor of heat, so food will take longer to cook.

Copper Chef is made with 100% copper and does not have any harmful chemicals or coatings, whereas Gotham Steel has a coating that contains several ingredients including nickel which is known to cause allergies and some cancers.


Copper Chef is a device that heats up extremely quickly, and it has an induction heating system which means the magnetic field created by copper coils at the bottom of pan transmits energy to heat up the pan. This makes it great for the environment because it means that you don’t have to as much electricity. In-fact they are around 3x more efficient than gas stoves. It also makes it great for your wallet, since it doesn’t require the same amount of energy as a standard electric stovetop.

The Gotham Steel Pan is also a great choice for the environment because like the copper chef, it shares similar traits and can be used on induction which would make it eco-friendly.


When it comes to cookware, there are two things to consider: the price of the pan and how long it will last.

Some pans are more expensive but last longer than others. Others are cheaper but need to be replaced more often.

Gotham Steel pans are low-end , and they generally don’t last very long. They do come with a 10 year warranty if registered after purchase, but that’s not necessarily a good thing given how often they need to be replaced .

Copper Chef is the best choice for cooking because it is authentic and durable . It also has a lifetime warranty, which means you won’t have to replace it for a very long time.


Gotham Steel pans are extremely durable. The lids and handles are thin but they’re very strong and can withstand high temperatures. The Gotham Steel Original line has an encapsulated base, making it induction compatible. This means that the base is more durable than a pan without it. The stainless steel handle of Gotham Steel pans and the encapsulated base also add to the durability and versatility of these pans.

Copper chef pans are also very durable. The handles and lids of these pans are made from stainless steel, which is a strong metal that can withstand high temperatures. Copper chef pans have an encapsulated base, just like Gotham Steel pans. This makes the base more durable and helps to ensure that it won’t warp or crack when you put hot food inside of it.

Overall, both pans excel at durability, but copper chef are known to last longer.


Some people question the safety of copper pans and worry that they might leech toxic chemicals into food. Copper Chef is made with a patented non-stick ceramic coating that is PTFE and PFOA free.

Gotham Steel uses steel, which can be reactive to acidic foods such as tomato sauce or wine. Copper Chef is safe for use with acidic foods. Copper Chef has a ceramic non-stick coating that is PTFE and PFOA free. This means it’s safe to use, even with tomato sauce, wine and other acidic foods that can react with regular steel cookware.

Easy cleanup

Both the Gotham Steel and Copper Chef pans have a non-stick surface, which makes them easy to clean. However, we found that the rougher texture of Gotham Steel made eggs stick more. Therefore, if you’re looking for an easy-to-clean pan that won’t stick, Gotham Steel is a better choice than Copper Chef.


Copper Chef is great for those who have a lot of cooking needs and want to be able to cook more than just one thing. Copper Chef has the versatility that Gotham Steel lacks, which is a major selling point for those who are looking to cook more than just one meal.


Gotham Steel pots and pans come in a contemporary style that is perfect for modern kitchens. The black design with silver accents is very sleek and stylish. The aluminum construction makes them lightweight, yet still very durable. They heated up quickly and maintained the heat well, which would be necessary for cooking on a stove without turning it up too high.

Copper chef pots and pans are made of copper, which is a very durable material. The copper construction gives the cookware a classic look that will fit nicely into any kitchen décor.

Gotham Steel vs. Copper Chef: Which is the better choice for you?

When it comes to Gotham Steel vs. Copper Chef, it can be difficult to decide which one is the better choice for you. Both pans have their pros and cons, but in the end, there can only be one winner.

The Copper Chef is okay for some tasks but not great. It’s difficult to clean after use and the accessories are a bit lightweight. The Gotham Steel has a lid that is high enough to make storage easy. The pan works according to its claims, which is a good sign for future use. Gotham Steel is also a great choice for those who are not looking to use metal utensils, brushes or scrubbers. However, Gotham Steel needs to be treated like a regular non-stick pan – meaning no metal utensils should ever touch it – or else it will scratch and become unusable over time.

It’s lightweight and durable, making it perfect for people who don’t want something too heavy or bulky in their kitchen cabinets. The Copper Chef is not actually made of copper and the pan cannot be used on induction unless there is a special insert; plus, customer service was unable to tell Meryl what metal or material was used in the making of the pan – raising suspicion about its quality.

Lastly, Gotham Steel comes in at a cheaper price point for people who aren’t looking for an expensive metal pan which might be prone to scratches or rust over time. All in all, the Gotham Steel pan is a better choice for most people.

Is Gotham Steel the same as Copper Chef?

No. Gotham steel and copper chef are two different cookware brands.

Copper chef is an actual copper pan with a ceramic coating on the inside and outside of the pan. Gotham Steel has a non-stick ceramic coating that’s applied to the inside of a pan that’s made out of some kind of metal.

Copper chef is more expensive than Gotham Steel, but it’s also worth the price because copper has excellent heat conductivity, and it’s very durable.

Gotham steel is a cheaper alternative to copper chef that works well for most people.

Are Gotham Steel and Copper Chef oven safe?

Yes, both Gotham Steel and Copper Chef are oven safe. The oven safe temperature can vary from different pieces of cookware so it’s always best to check the details on the manufacturers website when trying to identify the maximum temperature they can withstand in the oven.

Is Gotham Steel cookware made of copper?

No, Gotham Steel cookware is made of aluminum. The copper in the Copper Chef pan is added to help with heat conductivity and provide a non-stick surface for cooking.

The Gotham steel cookware is made of aluminum, which is a light weight metal. The company claims that the aluminum used in their products contain no harmful chemicals or substances and they are safe to use without worrying about the health hazards.

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