Granulated Garlic vs Garlic Powder

The main difference between granulated garlic powder and granulated garlic is the texture and potency.

Granulated garlic is more coarse than garlic powder. It looks very similar to salt; it also has a less potent flavor.

Garlic powder is fine, so it looks precisely like chili powder, just with a different color. Since it’s ground to a much more refined texture, it’s a lot more potent. However not as powerful as fresh garlic for cooking.

It would be best to store Granulated garlic and garlic powder in a sealed jar, whereas fresh garlic needs to be held in the best garlic keeper for freshness.

Which is better-granulated garlic or garlic powder?

Granulated garlic and garlic powder are tremendous when used in recipes (even though they are vegetables). And if your asking which one is better to use, you need to understand what each one is used for because “Better” isn’t the correct phrase.

It would be best if you used garlic powder for seasonings. Because raw garlic is quite powerful and sticky, not only is it hard to rub onto as a seasoning, but raw garlic will overpower the flavor of the meat. That’s why you should use garlic powder instead. It’s subtle enough to add flavor but not overpower the taste of the food.

You use Granulated garlic for liquid-type recipes, such as sauces, salads, and dressings. Because the grains are coarse and dry, and the sauce rehydrates them, adding a good amount of flavor. But not adding too much flavor as raw garlic would.

Can you substitute garlic powder for granulated garlic?

You can use garlic powder as a substitute for granulated garlic with some recipes. However, it depends on the recipe, and if the recipe calls for one or the other, you won’t get the same taste.

For example, a salad typically used granulated garlic because raw garlic is too strong and garlic powder is too powdery and dry. It’s almost like throwing sawdust into your salad.

But when it comes to sauces, you can use garlic powder instead of granulated garlic. Garlic powder will soak straight into the sauce, which doesn’t affect the recipe’s texture.

Can I substitute garlic granules for garlic powder?

Again, the answer remains the same, and it depends on the recipe.

You use garlic powder for rubbing into foods as a seasoning; granulated garlic won’t provide the same flavor or texture effect.

But if you don’t have any garlic powder, then it’s better than nothing. Remember that when using granulated garlic as a seasoning, you’ll need to increase the amount of granulated garlic to try and match the strength of garlic powder flavor.

Is granulated garlic the same as garlic salt?

No granulated garlic is not the same as garlic salt. Granulated garlic is dried garlic blended into small pieces.

Garlic salt is a mixture of salt and garlic powder, where salt is dominant in the mix. It’s typically three parts salt to 1 part garlic powder. So one teaspoon of garlic salt contains 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder and 3/4 teaspoon of salt.

You use garlic salt as a substitute for actual salt. The reason being is salt is high in sodium. So switching to garlic salt reduces your sodium intake and adds flavor to your cooking at the same time.

It would be best if you only used garlic salt as a substitute for granulated garlic when you have a health condition to reduce your salt intake. The food recipe you’re using explicitly states garlic salt.

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