How To Clean An Electric Can Opener

Cleaning an electric can opener is an important part of maintaining its ability to open cans. Especially if you have the best hands free can opener. Certain juices, water, etc can rust the parts on the can opener. This is why keeping it clean is critical. It also prevents smells from building up on the unit as well, such as tuna fish smell, which can become unpleasant. All household appliances require maintenance, even something as simple as an electric can opener. Below are the steps to cleaning an electric can opener!

Steps For Cleaning An Electric Can Opener

  • Unplug the device – This might seem like common sense, however, it can be easy to forget. While the chances of injury aren’t very likely, it is always best to take precautions just in case and unplug the device. Some can openers require batteries, these are called hands free can openers, you can ignore this step for them.
  • Wipe it down after every use – Getting into the habit of wiping the can opener after every use will help in the reduction of build-up on the surface. Using a damp cloth and a very small amount of dish soap can help keep it clean between uses. Extra care should always be taken around the blade area to avoid unwanted injury. Always unplug it while doing this step as well.
  • Put an old toothbrush to work – Before tossing out an old toothbrush, consider using it for small cleaning jobs like on an electric can opener. The brush can be disinfected by dipping it in boiling water for up to three minutes. The bristles are great for getting into hard to reach areas like the rotary wheel, blade, or magnet. The brush should be wet and a small amount of dish soap or a baking soda paste can be used to scrub the surface. Baking soda pastes are a great cleaning combination and only require two teaspoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of water.
  • Consider using a q-tip or cotton swab – These are just as good as the toothbrushes as they can reach hard to get to areas. They don’t necessarily hold soap and water very well like a toothbrush could, so using vinegar is a good option. Vinegar has been a long time household cleaning tool and using it for an electric can opener is no exception! Simply soak the q-tip in vinegar and then use it in those tight spaces.
  • Remove the lever and blade and wheel – Generally, electric can openers will have removable parts for easier cleaning. The lever is generally attached via a stationary piece of plastic that fits into the machine like a puzzle. The blade can be attached to the level, but it can also be closer to the wheel on the actual stationary part of the opener. The rotary wheel might require the use of tools or might not be removable at all. For those that aren’t removable, removing the lever gives better access to the blade and wheel areas. If all parts are removable, soaking them in vinegar or soapy water for a few minutes and completely drying them is the best option.
  • Put everything back together – Put all parts back together after drying and cleaning them.
  • Make sure it is dry – Using a dry cloth or paper towel to dry the surface, blade areas, etc are important to prevent rusting. Rusting occurs when water has sat on a metal surface for too long. This is why thoroughly drying any parts is super important.

Cleaning an electric can opener is just as easy as using one. It’s a critical part of owning one as it keeps it working as it is intended to work. Even with maintanence, you might find you need to know how to replace blades on electric can openers, so make sure you learn about it for long lasting can openers.

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