Burnt on grease: 6 quick ways to clean it from your frying pans

I created this how to clean burnt grease from frying pans guide for this reason.

Yesterday I went to my friends house to cook a nice meal for his family, only to see baked on grease all over the frying pans.

Does he know how painful it is for a chef to see that? I guess not.

Luckily I had a few tricks up my sleeve using household items.

With a little bit of time and effort, the pan turned crisp clean.

Ever since he has been asking me to show him how to clean burnt grease from frying pans.

In this guide you will learn new methods to clean burnt grease from frying pans using common household items. Some methods are for more stubborn scenarios. This will leave you with the best long lasting frying pan.

Method 1: Dish Soap and Boiling water

Depending on how bad the grease is burnt onto the frying pan, you should start with simple dish soap and boiling water, it’s a very simple method for how to clean burnt grease from frying pans.

Simply put some dish soap into the frying pan, then fill the frying pan with boiling water from a kettle.

Mix in the dish soap with the boiling water and leave to rest for two hours. This will be enough time for the dish soap to fully soak in.

Empty the water into the sink, and scrub the pan. Ensure you are not using anything to rough to scrub with as you could scratch the frying pan depending on what material it is made of.

Method 2: Baking Soda Paste

This is a method most people try due to baking soda being the most common household item.

Start by mixing equal parts of baking soda and water together. This will create a thick paste.

Now apply the paste to the pan, apply more to the areas where the baked on grease is.

Now I usually leave it around 30 minutes as it gives the mixture time to develop and soak into the burnt on grease.

Grab yourself a sponge, preferably one with a rough surface that’s used for washing dishes, and soak it in hot water.

Next, start scrubbing away at the burnt on grease and it should come off. This is a great way for how to clean burnt grease from frying pans, it’s quick easy and effective.

How To Clean Burnt Grease From Frying Pans with Vinegar

This method is uncommon for how to clean burnt grease from frying pans, and quite unknown.

start by coating the frying pan with vinegar, and keep on applying. once you have enough vinegar in the frying pan to cover the burnt on grease, get the heat on and cook until it boils.

Once the vinegar has reached boiling point, leave it 20 minutes, this will give the acidic vinegar time to act on the grease. Now grab some steel wool, or a oven cleaning pad, and start to scrub the burnt on grease away.

Method 4: Baking Powder, Sea Salt, and Vinegar

Start by coating the pan in salt, like you would seasoning food. Ensure there is a reasonable amount of salt and then spread some baking powder on top.

Now drizzle some vinegar over the mixture of sea salt and vinegar, and it will create a reaction.

Now while the reaction is taking place between the vinegar and baking power, scrub with a sponge and the salt will act as a good abrasive.

Keep scrubbing until you feel you have got all the burnt on grease off the frying pan and rinse.

Method 5: Heat and paper towels

This method is good for how to clean burnt grease from frying pans if the grease has not turned black.

Heat the pan up and the grease will turn back into a liquid, now take the pan off the heat for around 20 minutes to allow the grease to cool down.

Once cool, lay some paper towels on top of the grease and these will soak it up.

Avoid rinsing the grease down the drain as grease is notorious for clogging pipes.

Method 6: Ketchup

Don’t have any of the above items? Well do not worry, because you should have ketchup, unless you are allergic to tomatoes.

Apply ketchup over the grease and leave it overnight. Ketchup is very acidic, and acidity breaks down grease.

After you wake up the next day, soak the frying pan in some water and the burn on grease should scrub right off.

How to clean burnt grease from frying pans with Oven Cleaner

This is by far the most effective method for how to clean burnt grease from frying pans, yet only to be used as a last resort.

Oven cleaner is very potent, don’t believe me? Check out what oven cleaner does to kitchen counter tops.

Oven cleaner has special acidic chemicals which break down proteins, especially in grease, which is why it’s so good for cleaning ovens!

You can also use this for frying pans with burnt on grease too! Simply spray the oven cleaner onto your pan, and leave it overnight.

Now grab some steel wool, and start to scrub the baked on grease off, it should come off with ease.

how to clean burnt grease from frying pans Conclusion

There are many different methods on the topic of how to clean burnt grease from frying pans, some easier than others.

Whichever you decide, I recommend going for the easiest methods first and working your way to the more tedious methods.

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