How To Clean Oven Mitts

If you work in the kitchen, or at least spend most of your time within one, chances are you’ve already seen and used an oven mitt. These mitts are lifesavers if you work inside a kitchen since it allows you to handle materials at high heat levels, without even worrying too much if you will be able to handle it or not. So make sure you have the best oven mitts for cast iron. The only downside with the continuous usage of these is the wear and tear, as well as the possibility of it getting dirty easily. The good news is that, these mitts are often designed to be cleaned easily, without you having to bend over backwards to get the dirt off. You can choose to go the manual route, hand washing them until all the gunk and grime are gone, or throwing them in the washing machine (most mitts now are designed to withstand the pressures of a washing machine).

How To Clean Your Oven Mitts

1) Look for the product care label that can be found in your oven mitts, these usually state the possible ways of going about washing your mitts. Although not all are required to include this label, but it is worth a shot to look at. Search for it around the cuff area, outside or inside your gloves.

2) If there is no product care label, then we will proceed with the manual way. Get a gallon of water in a bowl or bucket, and mix in around 1/4 to 1/2 cup of detergent, Your best bet will be to use mild detergent only as stronger ones may affect the material of your mitt.

3) Get a white wash cloth, and soak it in the solution. When wringing it out, make sure to not dry it out completely, and leave a little bit of moisture in the cloth. Do note as well that it is better to use the color white for your wash cloth, because colored ones might stain your mitt.

4) With your wash cloth, you want to use it to dab on the hard to reach areas of your glove, usually underneath some decorative materials or in the area between your thumb and pointer finger. It is important to get these areas as these are the ones usually left with soot after cleaning. After dabbing the areas with the detergent water, get another cloth and wash it out with tap water. You will need to let it air dry for around 30 minutes to see if there is any fading brought on by the detergent, if there is then you may need to consider getting a lighter detergent before proceeding to step 5.

5) Once confirmed that there is no fading, you may proceed to dip your oven mitts in your detergent solution. Wait for around 30 minutes and then you can take them out and let them air dry for as long as it needs. Try to use warm water when submerging your gloves as the heat will help the removal of dirt.

Remember that the steps above may have different effects for different materials and types of oven mitts, it is always important to remember to test first and see if the desired results are attainable. If needed, you may see product reviews and instructions for your selected oven mitt brand to see the best way to go about in cleaning.

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