Ceramic pans are great to use when it comes to cooking, especially when the food you are making has a tendency to stick. This is because ceramic pans have a non stick surface that makes it easy for you to cook food without making a mess in your kitchen.

However, since ceramic pans rely on their nonstick surfaces to be able to cook food easily, if this surface wears down over time, then the pan will lose its ability to function properly. If you want your ceramic pan to be nonstick again, then follow the guide below.

Why ceramic pans lose their non stick

Ceramic pans lose their non stick ability over time because of the repeated use of metal utensils, and because of the high temperatures that they are exposed to when you cook food in them.

Ceramic pans are made out of porcelain enamel on steel, so they are always safe to use. However, if you use metal utensils when you cook with it, then this will start to wear down the non stick surface. This is because metal will get in between the layers of porcelain enamel that form the pan, and will start to break them down over time.

Another factor that can make ceramic pans lose their non stick ability is if you cook food at high heat. Although ceramic pans are able to withstand high temperatures, the heat that they absorb can make it wear down the non stick surface over time.

Can you recoat a non-stick pan?

Although ceramic pans are known for being able to be successfully recoated, this will not repair the non stick surface that your pan has. If you want to try and repair your ceramic pan’s non stick surface, then you will need to use a ceramic coating.

This type of coating will allow you to repair the surface of your pan and restore it back to how it was originally. But the coating will have to be reapplied using a special process that will prevent any damage from being done again while the restoration is being done.

The easiest way is just to re-season your ceramic pan which we will discuss below.

How long does ceramic pan last?

Ceramic pans are known for being able to last a very long time. This is because they are made out of Porcelain enamel on steel, which is a material that is very durable. Also, there is not much that can scratch or damage the surface of ceramic pans, so they do not wear down easily either.

But if you use metal utensils while you are cooking with your ceramic pan, or if the temperature of your pan exceeds 350 F degrees, then it will start to wear down over time and will lose its non stick ability.

The average lifespan of a ceramic pan is around 10-15 years, but this will vary from pan to pan depending on how well it is taken care of. If you want your ceramic pan to last as long as possible, then make sure you do not use metal utensils while you are cooking with it, and make sure the temperature of the pan does not go above 350 F degrees.

How to make a ceramic pan non stick again

If your ceramic pan has become nonstick again, then you have a few options on making it better. There are four simple steps that you can follow if your ceramic pan is losing its non stick ability, and you want it to work as good as new.

What You Will Need: Here are the things that you will need in order for your ceramic pans to be able to work efficiently.

  • A non stick cooking spray.
  • A scouring pad.

The first step that you need to take is to wash your ceramic pan thoroughly with soap and water. Once you have gotten rid of the excess oil or food residue, then all you need to do is allow the pan to dry off completely and for it to air dry.

The next thing that you need to do is apply a layer of cooking spray onto your ceramic pan. If you followed the previous steps correctly, then this should not be a problem because your pan will already be clean and dry. Make sure that you are covering the entire surface of the ceramic pan, including its corners.

Then after you have sprayed the cooking spray onto your pan, then you need to use a scouring pad to rub the cooking spray into the pores of the pan. This will help it become non stick and also prepare it for use once again. Make sure that you are rubbing the cooking spray into all of the crevices and pores of your ceramic pan so that it can regain its non stick function in no time.

And if you have used a metal utensil to cook in your ceramic pans, then you should always wash these utensils before using them more than once again.

Once you have finished rubbing the cooking spray into your ceramic pan, then you should wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth. Since all of the cooking spray has been rubbed into your pan, then there is no need to leave behind any residue.

And once you have done this, then in no time at all you will be able to cook food that does not stick in your pan again. You can also repeat these steps if ever your ceramic pan starts losing its non stick ability again.

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