How To Use An Electric Can Opener

A can opener is one of the most important kitchen utensils someone can own and it’s important that you get the best hands free can opener. They work really hard to open vegetables, tuna, or any other type of canned food. While manual can openers have their perks, what is so great about the best electric can opener? Electric can openers are essentially hands-free and super convenient kitchen appliances especially hands free can openers. But how are they used? What’s the magic behind them?

They were invented quite a long time ago, here you can see more about when was the electric can opener invented.

Steps for Using an Electric Can Opener

  • Ensure the opener is plugged in – This might seem like common sense, however, it is an important first step. While there are electric ones out there that only need batteries, these directions are specifically for the original, plug-in electric openers.
  • Check the lever on the front of the opener – Every electric can opener has a lever on the front that lifts up. This lever has a magnet on the top that is strong enough to hold the top of a can to keep it in place. It is important to check this level for any debris from a previous can opening. If its the first time using the can opener, straight out of the box, inspecting this area helps familiarize what the parts look like as well. This lever will need to be lifted up in order to get the can onto the device.
  • Make sure the can is secure – Before placing the can under the level, look for the blade. The blade will need to be aligned with the inside part of the can so it can cut it open. Place the inside of the can’s lid under this blade. Doing this will also engage the magnet on the top of the can.
  • Press down on the level – Once the can has been secured to the blade and magnet, press down the level. There is a small rotary wheel that is behind the blade that sits on the side of the can. This wheel starts to spin once the level has been pressed downwards. It moves the can around while the magnet holds the can in place and the blade removes the can’s lid, all at once!
  • Watch the can while holding the lever down! – This is an important step! The blade doesn’t stop cutting unless the lever is released so that the rotary wheel stops spinning. Watching the opening process is critical so that the can be removed from the opener without spilling any of the contents. Otherwise, the entire lid can come off causing a mess. Some can openers might be durable enough to hold a can up if the entire lid is removed, while others are not. When the can has almost made a full rotation, stop pushing on the lever. For openers strong enough for removing entire lids, this step can be skipped, consult the brand being used
  • Remove the can – Once the lid has been opened (or removed depending on the opener), simply pull the can down. If the magnet is still hanging onto part of the lid, pull up on the level and down on the can to remove the can completely. For openers who remove the entire lid, carefully pull the lid off of the magnet and discard it.
  • Clean the can opener – All home appliances require some level of maintenance. In the case of can openers, they should be wiped down after each use. Cans containing tuna fish can cause a build-up of juice on the outer layer of the can opener creating an unpleasant scent after a while. Using a damp cloth, carefully wipe around the blade, rotary wheel, the outer layer of the can opener, magnet, and level. Using mild dish soap in a very small amount is appropriate during this step.

Can openers are great inventions and by using electric ones, life can be a little easier! Just make sure you maintain electric can openers by knowing how to replaces blades on electric can openers.

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