They have the looks, they have the hype, but most importantly, they have the reviews. Yes that’s right, I’m talking about Misen products. It’s not common for you to come across a brand that’s highly rated by thousands of people, especially since everyone wants to be a critic these days.

So today, I decided to put Misen to the test and review their non-stick pan. Besides, I needed a new non-stick pan anyway, I’ve been using cast iron for absolutely everything, when I really shouldn’t…

So let’s get started.

What Do I Like About the Misen Non-stick Pan?

So first of all, I want to cover the best parts of the nonstick pan, I think it’s always a great start to focusing on the positives, and then move onto the negatives. And this pan has a lot of positives.

Great heat distribution

Although you probably want me to talk about the nonstick surface first, I need to talk about the even heating. Regardless of how good the nonstick surface is, you can’t buy a frying pan if it has a bad even heating surface.

This is where Misen really surprised me, I tried this on a gas stove, set the heat to a constant temperature, and then scanned it with a thermometer gun. The surface really surprised me, I was getting exactly the same readings to the first decimal where ever I scanned the pan. If it was 302.4, then it was 302.4 wherever I scanned the pan.

Even heating? YES. After seeing how well they’ve pulled this off, I already knew this was going to be a great frying pan. At this point, I’m already starting to understand why it’s highly rated.

Best non stick coating

Next up, the second most important feature, the Misens nonstick surface.

Let me start by saying this, I’ve owned A LOT of non-stick skillets in the past, and some have been good, some not so good. The Misen skillet is on a different level. Literally.

Great aesthetics

So the Misen nonstick pan has great nonstick and even heating abilities, but how does it look? Well, the appearance is another point I’ve fallen in love with.

It features an aluminum base, with a black nonstick coating on the inside and a blue silicone handle. The silver/black/blue combination, especially that shade of blue for the silicone handle makes it really pop. It definitely looks like a luxurious pan, which is surprising considering how cheap this pan actually is.

I’m genuinely buying more of their cookware as we speak to get a full set.

And surprisingly, with this nonstick pan, I do not dislike any part of the design, even the flattened handle adds to the effect of luxury.

How did the Misen non stick pan handle eggs?

Have you seen Misens video demonstrating the cooking of eggs? Where they start swinging the egg around the pan without any utensils? Yes me too, it seems unbelievable, so I wanted to put it to the test.

I cracked two eggs into the pan whilst it was hot, and it was glorious. I could literally slide the eggs around the pan by just swinging the pan around, no utensils needed. In-fact, I didn’t need any utensils at all, after the bottom was cooked, I slid the egg up the side and flipped it. Yes the egg yolk did break… but that was part of the test, I wanted to see if the yolk stuck to the pan. To my surprise, It didn’t.

I cannot praise this pan enough, I cleaned the pan with just paper towels after, no water needed at all. That’s how good the non-stick surface it.

How does the Misen non stick pan handle pancakes?

I decided to put this to the pancake test, Afterall, we all love pancakes don’t we?

Long story short, it excelled at it’s nonstick capabilities, not a spec of pancake batter left in the pan, and because of how great the nonstick surface was, the pancakes came out absolutely perfect. And the same happened with the eggs, I did not need to clean the pan with water, just one wipe with some paper towels and the pan was sparkling clean.

Just take a look at the picture below to see the results for yourself!

What I dislike about the Misen nonstick pan

As you can imagine, it wouldn’t be a fair review without criticism, nothing is perfect. But as a disclaimer, there’s only one thing I do not like about this pan. That’s it.

The Misen non stick pan is relatively heavy

Yes, the weight of it. Now this pan is somewhat heavy, and I do not like heavy pans, unless it comes to cooking on a very high heat with oil that’s so hot it will scold you for life if you drop it. But that’s not what nonstick pans are for, they are designed to be used with foods which require movement, such as sautéing vegetables, or flipping pancakes.

Now the question is, is it too heavy?

Well not for me, it’s not as heavy as a cast iron pan or anything like that, but it does have weight to it. And people with weak muscles may struggle. But overall, if you have no muscle issues, then the weight is not much of a problem, just slightly uncomfortable when moving foods around.

Conclusion for the Misen nonstick pan review

So for me, the weight of it is definitely a downside, and I do wish it was lighter. However, that’s not going to stop me using it by any means. Nonstick pans are bought primarily for their nonstick capabilities, and Misen did an absolutely amazing job or creating a wonderful nonstick surface.

So for me, even though the weight is a downside, it does not distract from the amazing traits this pan has.

Would I recommend this for $55? Yes. Every time. It’s just such good quality for the money, and I’ve not found quality like this in a long long time when it comes to nonstick pans.

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