samsung mc17j8000cs review

I have done this Samsung MC17j8000CS review because I love this microwave.

The most eyecatching part of this microwave is the sheer size and power it has, allowing a lot of food to be cooked in a quick amount of time with it’s 1.7 cubic meter size and 950 watts of power.

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Samsung Mc17j8000cs Review
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Features – Samsung Mc17j8000cs Review

Below I will list the top 3 features of the samsung MC17j800CS microwave and then follow up with some additional features which I think might be useful to everyone. Hopefully this will give you clarity in your purchasing decision.

950 Watts

The biggest selling point of this microwave? Yes, it’s 950 watts.

If you were unaware, the wattage power determines how fast food will cook in a microwave. The higher the wattage, the faster the food cooks.

To give an example, microwavable rice from the supermarket normally takes 12 minutes to cook from frozen in a 750 watt microwave. In this 950 watt microwave, it will take around 8 minutes 30 seconds.

To some that might seem like a small reduction, but it is definitely noticeable when you are short on time or hungry.

1.7 cubic meters size

The cubic size is important, because you might need to cook bigger meals.

The bigger the meals, the more space you need inside the microwave.

To put this in perspective, the average cubic size of a microwave is between 1.4 and 1.8 cubic meters, meaning this microwave is at the top end of the spectrum for size.

That’s great news for anyone that is interested in this microwave, it’s definitely a big factor when purchasing.

Slim Fry Technology

This is a big reason I wrote this Samsung Mc17j8000cs review.

Slim fry technology is designed to circulate the hot air around the food, kind of like a dutch oven but with only a touch of oil. This leaves the food crispy on the outside, and moist on the inside. Read more about it here.

Perfect for foods such as chips, pizzas, meat and vegetables.

Honestly, this is the best feature out of them all, and I would recommend this microwave solely based on this technology.


This microwave has a stainless steel frame, giving it a beautiful look and making it versatile meaning it will fit in with most kitchen designs.

The glass is a dark black color which combined with the stainless steel frame gives a very slick and stylish look.

Inside the microwave they have kept the consistancy with the stylish look turning it a charcoal grey color which truly leaves it looking slick and modern.

Overall I love the design of this microwave and I am thoroughly impressed, as I always am with Samsung products.

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Customer Impression

Many customers have been satisfied with this microwave, and are especially impressed with the slim fry technology, since it allows them to cook a range of foods making it an extremely versatile microwave.

They also really love how stylish is it as it looks like a very expensive microwave. What else would you expect from Samsung though? they always impress with their looks.

However, some users have reported faulty microwaves from date of purchase, this could be down to delivery companies not handling it with care as that is often the cause of damaged products since Samsung perform quality checks before sending.

Overall the customer base is extremely happy with this microwave.

Conclusion – Samsung Mc17j8000cs Review

The reason I performed this Samsung Mc17j8000cs Review is simply because I am in love with this microwave. I have used it before at a friends house and I was thoroughly impressed for the price.

This is truly a value purchase, and I expect nothing less from samsung themselves, I own a range of products created by them from mobile phones, to refrigerators and ovens.

The size of this microwave is impressive, it allows big portions of food to be cooked at an impressively speedy time due to the 950 watts.

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