Tfal Ceramic Cookware Review

T-fal now dominate the cooking world, their brand is everywhere and why wouldn’t it be? Their cookware is durable, nonstick and versatile.

The T-fal intiatives ceramic cookware set has to be my favourite set from T-fal. I bought this set just to do a product review on it, and after a few months use it’s turned out to be much better than I expected. It’s now become a permanent addition to my kitchen, but what will you think?

T-fal Initiatives Ceramic Cookware Set Review

The T-fal iniatives ceramic cookware set is beautiful. It’s a 14 piece cookware set and it’s been designed in gold which really gives it a unique and classy look.

What This Set Includes

It comes with 3 different sized frying pans, which I think allows for great versatility. 8 inch frying pans were slightly to small for me when frying vegetables, so I like the fact they’ve added an extra 0.5 inch onto it, it might not seem like a lot, but it makes a huge difference.

The 10.5 and 11 inch frying pans that come with it, really top it off. I can’t stand it when a cookware set only has either a 10 inch frying pan or an 11 inch, because sometimes I like to cook two completely different recipes and using an 8 inch pan just isn’t an option due to the size.

Included are also two different sized sauce pans, 1 quart and 2 quart sauce pans both with glass lids, this gives you some versatility in the sense that you can use the 1 quart saucepan for small volume cooking like reducing sauces. And then the 2 quart saucepan can be used for cooking meats in sauces, such as meatballs.

Last but not least is the 5 quart Dutch oven with lid, it’s the perfect size for a family of 4. It allows me to cook various recipes from a batch of pasta, to a chicken casserole. Without the 5 quart dutch oven in the cookware set, it would definitely bring down the value.

I honestly think T-fal have got it spot on with the T-fal initiatives ceramic cookware set, they’ve really put thought into how the average person cooks, and provided just enough equipment to allow for versatility but not too much as to bring the price too high.


It’s not just enough to have the right amount of equipment for your kitchen, you need the features on the cookware too.

After all, what’s the point of owning cookware is it’s bad quality? Well you’ll be glad to know the T-fal Initiatives ceramic cookware set has some pretty nice features.

Ceramic Cooking Surface

T-fal are known quite well for using teflon as the interior on their cookware. But on this, they decided to go with ceramic instead. So the interior is a ceramic coating with a heat resistance of 570 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for all types of recipes.

Oven Safe

The T-fal initiatives ceramic cookware set is oven safe up to 350 degrees fahrenheit which is great for partially cooked slow roasted recipes. It really adds to the versatility of the set.

Thermospot Indicator

The thermospot indicator has to be one of my favourite features, if you’ve never used it before, then you need to.

The circle shaped indicator lights up as the pan heats up, once the full circle is lit up, the pan is preheated. Convenient right?

Nylon Utensils

Nylon utensils… some hate them, some love them. But for a ceramic cookware set, they are absolutely essential.

Ceramic is prone to cracking and chipping, and once it does, it becomes a health hazard. Nylon utensils have been specifically designed to cater for delicate cooking surfaces, and in my opinion, nylon is the best.

Most likely, this is why T-fal have decided to add nylon cooking utensils into the tfal initiatives ceramic cookware set.

Dishwasher Safe

Unlike most ceramic cookware sets, this one is dishwasher safe. Yep that’s right, no more hand washing.

With it’s dishwasher safe status, you can simply stick them straight in and wash your pots and pans hassle free.

Nonstick Interior

This tfal initiatives ceramic cookware set has a nonstick interior due to the ceramic, and it’s great. After cooking in it for months, nothing has stuck to it at all.

This makes it incredibly easy to clean if you do require hand washing to clean the ceramic interior. But most importantly, it prevents your recipes from being ruined.

The one thing I hate with a frying pan that doesn’t have nonstick, is where you create a great sear, you flip it over and the pan rips the sear right off.

Toxic Free

Last but not least for you health lovers out there, it’s completely free of PFOA, lead and cadmium. Which is usually a big concern when it comes to a non stick ceramic cookware set.

Aluminum Construction

This frying pan has been made using aluminum, and for those of you who don’t know, aluminum is great. It’s also pretty common.

The main benefit of using aluminum cookware is the lightness, anyone who struggles to lift heavy equipment, or has a delicate stove such as a glass top stove, needs aluminum cookware.

This is not heavy gauge aluminum though unlike some of their other sets, as they’ve tried to cater for those who like their light cookware.

Aluminum is also great when it comes to preheating, as it transfers the heat very quickly meaning you won’t have to wait a while for the pan to preheat unlike cast iron or stainless steel.

The handles are made of aluminum and quite sturdy, they are also heat resistant which makes them oven safe up to 350 degrees.

So What’s bad About It?

Unfortunately nearly every product in the world has some type of flaw. And it would be dishonest of me not to include it into this review.

This set is not suitable for an induction cooktop due to the nature of the construction. So if you do have an induction cooktop, then avoid this product.

Not only that, but I’m disappointed they didn’t add a 10 inch square griddle to the set. I’m a big fan of using griddles, and buying a separate one that doesn’t fit the design to my set drives me crazy. I do wish they would have added one.

Is It Worth The Money?

Overall, yes it’s worth the money.

I bought this myself to review it, and after using it for a few months, I’ve made it a permanent addition to my kitchen.

I can’t praise this set enough, I mean what’s not to love? it has all the features I need, and it’s held up against some pretty stupid negligence on my behalf. I’ve never ran into a problem with recipes either.

Without a doubt, the T-fal initiatives ceramic cookware set is pretty spot on, and is a great improvement over their previous cookware sets.

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