Why you shouldn’t be using oven cleaner on your kitchen countertops

A kitchen countertop is made of very resistant materials. They are designed to take a beating without needing to be replaced.

But people still think using oven cleaner on kitchen countertops is a good idea.

Oven cleaners contain extremely strong, harsh chemicals that should never come into contact with kitchen counter tops, all they do is damage them.

Oven cleaner will damage your kitchen Countertop

Oven cleaner on kitchen worktop

As you probably know, oven cleaner is potent. Ever tried cleaning an oven? It’s impossible without oven cleaner.

Oven cleaner has special chemicals designed to attack dirt and grease that is hard stuck onto the metal and glass.

So what does oven cleaner on kitchen countertops do? Simply put, it will cause damage, especially stone countertops.

I tested a sample piece of kitchen countertops that I got from worktop-express with oven cleaner. And the results may not surprise you.

The oven cleaner had completely discoloured the surface, and started to eat away at the laminate surface. Basically, never try this, regardless of what countertop you have. Only use oven cleaner when you need this effect of oven in the oven.

Different kitchen tops can have different issues when combined with oven cleaner, although may not be able to state exactly what they are as I have not tested, scientifically speaking, there will be a different chemical reaction taking place depending on the material which may cause damage.

using oven cleaner on kitchen countertops: What Cleaner should I use ?

different kitchen worktop cleaners

Every type of kitchen counters requires a different set of chemicals to avoid damage on the finish. However oven cleaner on kitchen countertops on any worktop may destroy it.

Typically, you should be looking for a safe cleaning spray that’s designed for your kitchen counters and leave the rest of the cleaners alone. You can even make your own. However if you make your own you need to be careful not to add any strong ingredients as it can be harsh on the finish.

The main types of kitchen countertops material used are marble, granite, wood and quarts.

Here’s a list of kitchen countertops cleaner spray that I recommend you get.

If you are looking for something you can use at home for kitchen countertops then a good option would be to use baking soda and vinegar ingredients as the reaction with the vinegar causes a mild reaction on the surface which makes cleaning easier especially on stone.

It’s strong enough to tackle grease, dirt and stubborn stains without damaging kitchen countertops. Again only use oven cleaner when you need the effect of oven. The only material strong enough to take oven cleaner for cleaning is stainless steel or another metal such as iron iron.

Why do people Start Using oven cleaner on kitchen countertops?

why do people use oven cleaner on kitchen worktop

So you are probably wondering why people think using oven cleaner on kitchen countertops is a good idea. Surely if others do it then it’s fine? Wrong.

I have not encountered anyone who has tried it on kitchen countertops.

The only people I have heard of doing it are on the internet, and their reasons range from “I didn’t have any suitable cleaner for my kitchen countertops and was cleaning the kitchen” to “I needed something stronger”.

Whatever your reason for wanting to use oven cleaner on your counter top, do not do it.

What do oven cleaners contain to make them so harsh?

Oven cleaners have very potent chemicals, one of which is normally sodium hydroxide. It’s perfect for breaking down proteins, essentially food in the oven. However due to how hazardous the chemical is, it can cause severe burns if handled improperly, so leave it alone until you have understood the safety precautions such as gloves.

As you can see, oven cleaners have very aggressive chemicals in them, and that’s why they are not to be used on kitchen countertops.

Oven cleaners also contain turpentine and ethanol which are very strong chemicals. Ethanol is pure alcohol.

You can make your own using different ingredients like vinegar, but be aware of what you add as it may react badly with different kitchen countertop surface.

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