West Bend Microwave Review

I received the 900 watt West bend 0.9 cu ft as a gift for christmas and decided to create this west bend bend 0.9 cu ft microwave review.

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6 Programmed Buttons

This is one my most loved features about the west bend 0.9 cu ft 900 watt microwave, it has 6 pre-programmed buttons which are:

  • Pizza
  • Potato
  • Popcorn
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Beverage
  • Dinner plate

You can probably see the west bend 0.9 cu ft 900 watt microwave is convenient, it has pizza and potatos which are very common foods to cook, I personally love pizzas as i’m not a big fan of the crunch you get from oven cooking. This is one of the best in terms of power too.

The most used feature would be beverage, like your hot chocolates? Well no need to find out how long it takes everytime, just click the beverage button on the west bend 0.9 cu ft 900 watt microwave and your ready to go.

900 Watts – A Mighty Powerful Microwave

900 watts microwaves are very powerful, they are at the top end of the spectrum. What does this mean? Well in simple terms, your food will cook much quicker than the lower end wattage appliances.

For example, with a curry that I like to buy frozen, it takes 12 minutes in a 750W appliance, but in the west bend 0.9 cu ft 900 watt microwave it only takes me 9 minutes. It might only be a few minutes difference right? But it does add up overtime, and it definitely makes a big difference when your hungry and you want your food cooked quickly.


Reliability is a big feature in my eyes, microwaves are meant for cooking only, if you have one that works, then you don’t want to go and buy another one do you? That’s why I love the west bend 0.9 cu ft 900 watt microwave

It has worked for me for many years with no issues at all, and that’s what I want from a product.

Don’t you hate it when you buy something and it breaks 6 months later? Me too, well don’t worry with this model because it is so reliable in my opinion. Again, I have never had any issues with it.

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Other Features

The west bend 0.9 cu ft 900 watt microwave has a removable glass plate that sits on the rotary, if you didn’t know, these glass plates are great. They catch all the food on it and because it’s glass it’s almost like a non stick surface where it’s so easy to clean. Not to mention you won’t have to clean the inside of it.

It also has a light that comes on when you open the door, this is especially useful for those who struggle with their eyesight.

It has a child safety lock so if you do have children who like to rummage around with everything they find, then you won’t have to worry about them finding burning hot food and injuring themselves.


The west bend 0.9 cu ft 900 watt microwave has a height of 14 inches and a width of 17 inches, corner to corner it’s around 21 inches, similar to the size of a dutch oven.

This is a great size for many kitchen counter tops, and it should not have an issue fitting into small kitchens.

As for the weight, I would say it weighs a bit less than the average appliance, which is great for portability. I really hate those bulky heavy appliances because they become such a pain when trying to position and move it around.


This west bend 0.9 cu ft 900 watt microwave comes with a 1 year warranty, although this doesn’t seem too convincing at first, I’ve had no issues for several years and it definitely backs you up in the event of receiving a faulty model.

Customer Impression – West bend 0.9 cu ft 900 watt microwave

I’ve spoken to a few people who have this,and read some feedback.

The majority do love the west bend 0.9 cu ft 900 watt microwave product, it’s performed well for them over the years and they have never had any issues.

However some customers have reported faults from the beginning such as the fuse going and wear and tear and problems when trying to reheat food.

Overall the customer base is happy with an average rating of 3.6 out of 5, and I can’t say for sure if this does have it’s own tailored issues and many products do, but I have never had an issue with it at all.

Conclusion – West Bend Microwave Review

I hope you enjoyed looking at this west bend 0.9 cu ft 900 watt microwave product article.

Overall it’s a great stainless steel small appliance that has served me well for many years and provides a lot of value.

It has some great features such as its 6 programmed buttons for common foods and also an option for beverages.

It’s a powerful 900 watt microwave to speed up your cooking with a great timer and great to touch, it’s not too big, and the childlock feature is a great addition for those with young children.

I personally would get a newer 900 watt microwave product once this one has it’s day of reckoning. Please get it if you like it. You won’t regret it. I would purchase this again if I could.

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