Calphalon, which was founded in the 1960s, is a company that manufactures cookware. They produce various types of kitchenware including an array of cookware sets as well as individual pieces such as frying pans and saucepans.

Calphalon pans are made of a variety of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, and hard-anodized aluminum and this is what makes the list of the best calphalon cookware so long.

Aluminum is the most common material used in calphalon pans because it’s lightweight and inexpensive.

Stainless steel provides excellent heat distribution for cooking evenly without hot spots while still being durable enough to withstand frequent use.

Hard-anodized aluminum offers durability with its nonstick surface which is resistant to scratches or abrasion from metal utensils such as knives or forks.

Ceramic provides many benefits for cooking such as non stick properties which make cooking easier and more efficient.

Stainless Steel

Calphalon stainless steel pans are made from an 18/10 chrome-clad stainless steel with an aluminum core between the two layers of stainless steel . This construction provides superior cooking performance, excellent heat distribution and durability.


Calphalon ceramic pans are made from a fully vitrified body with an inner core of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of glass that provide excellent heat conduction.


Calphalon aluminum pans are made from hard anodized aluminum which is coated with a layer of aluminum oxide. The anodizing process is similar to what’s used in the automotive industry for protecting aluminum parts from corrosion. This durable and hard-wearing surface offers excellent resistance to scratches, abrasion, or marring while providing nonstick properties that are perfect for delicate foods like eggs and fish.

Does anodized aluminum wear off?

The anodizing process creates a coating that is built to last. As long as you use your pans correctly, the anodized aluminum will stay put for years.


Calphalon copper pans are made from high-quality stainless steel with a durable and beautiful finish in pure, vibrant copper. This smooth surface offers excellent food release properties and allows cooks to move seamlessly between stovetop cooking and oven baking on any cooktop or in the oven

Why do Calphalon use different materials?

There are four types of materials in the various Calphalon cookware: stainless steel, aluminum, copper and ceramic. Each type is specially designed for specific purposes such as cooking delicate foods or heavy- duty frying. Different materials have different properties and for this reason Calphalon cookware has been designed to best meet the needs of home cooks which is why it produces different types of cookware made from different materials.

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