Where to Hang Oven Mitts

The best oven mitts for cast iron have been an essential kitchen tool since their invention in the late 1800s. These nifty mitts or gloves help protect our hands when taking hot cookware out of the oven. They come in so many styles, designs, and materials that can be really fun! However, where should they be stored? Storing oven mitts is important as it only keeps them readily available, but also keeps them clean!

Where To Hang Oven Mitts

Most oven mitts or gloves have a loop at the end of them for hanging them up. Having them hanging makes them ready for any moment when something needs to be removed from the oven (or even microwave!). But what’s the best place to hang them up? Ideally, they should be hung somewhere near the oven for ease of access. They are immediately available and easy to see. Having them easy to see also helps us remember to use them in the first place. It may seem like common sense to use an oven mitt, however, in the heat of the moment, we can forget and risk burning ourselves.

For this reason as well as simply having them available, oven mitts should be hung somewhere near the oven. This could be on the cabinet, the wall, etc. Through the use of stick hooks (commonly sold everywhere), which do not damage walls, hanging the mitts near the oven is super easy. The hooks are easy to install and require no tools. Moreover, the mitts are light enough to hang on these hooks. Putting the hooks on the wall near the oven or a cabinet near the oven is the ideal place to hang oven mitts.

While those are the most common places to put oven mitts, here are some other creative places to hang up a set of oven mitts!

Other Places to Hang Oven Mitts In The Kitchen

  • Spice Rack – Some spice racks have small, decorative hooks along the bottom. These hooks are perfect for hanging mitts!
  • Pot and Pan Rack – Pot and pan racks are super handy kitchen storage devices meant for pots and pans. However, they can also be a home for oven mitts!
  • Cabinet Handles – The handles on our cabinets can be utilized for hanging mitts up if they are vertical. Vertical handles are better than horizontal as they simply hold the loops of the mitts better.
  • The Fridge – Some hooks for the kitchen can be magnetic which makes hanging oven mitts on the side of the fridge or fridge door a great idea!
  • Install a Hook – Some hooks are just screw-in hooks and can be screwed into the wall with no tools. This is all dependant upon the material of the wall. Another option is to use a screwdriver and install a small hook with a screw. These types of hooks can be placed under kitchen cabinets and if the hook is upwards enough, the mitt can hang from here too!

Having our oven mitts handy is super important for safety. With this in mind, there are plenty of places to consider hanging up a pair of mitts. Moreover, having them out in the open will add the decor of the kitchen as well.

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